Monday, August 15, 2011

Rosacea? Jordan Essentials can help!

Nancy Bogart,  our Founder,  believe it or not she does have Rosacea

This morning Nancy shared the following with us,  about how she controls her  Rosacea

I too have rosacea although I forget that I do with the Jordan face care line! I believe the age defying serum is fabulous follow with tinted moisturizer and the mineral make up. They lay light on the skin and do not irritate. The ...rosacea is blood vessels close to the surface of the skin. I do not exfoliate very often at all to keep my skin calm. I LOVE the gentle cleaner in the soap saver and volia I am off and running. I do use all three serums (of course I love them all) but the age defying is what I belive with the grapeseed oil and elastomers that really smooth and sooth my skin. It also had natural PH and oil control properties so it make the best primer too.

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