Friday, August 26, 2011

So Many Exciting Things Going on!

It is FRIDAY!!! Do you know what that means??? TOMORROW is the Jordan Essentials FALL PRODUCT LINE LAUNCH!! JE officially launches their new products and catalog. I'll be watching online here on Facebook.

THEN, I will be sharing the New and Good ole Favorite prodcuts at SPAtastic! Tuesday, Aug 30th at The Terrace in Webster. Drop by and enjoy the fun, games and PAMPERING!! Check out the Flyer for more details or see my webstore at

Today I joined a NEW FACEBOOK group, and am excited about participating with. If you have a blog, or are looking for some GREAT Blogs to follow you might want to drop in and check it out 

Hope you are able to check out the Jordan Essentials product Launch on the Jordan Essentials Facebook page and while you're there check out the Networking Your Blog

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