Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where was Jordan Essentials when I was a teen?

It seemed like most of my life I spent fighting "Acne", it was a constant battle all through middle and high school, even into my 20's. Since I started using the Jordan Essentials I actually receive comments about how great my skin looks.

Now Jordan Essentials has a WONDERFUL "Acne Kit" perfect for your Teens and Pre-teens, this simple kit will.

The Jordan Essentials Acne Treatment System with Willow Bark Extract.

Acne at any age is a problem!  Safe and effective,  the Jordan Essentials Acne Systems helps clear and heal damaged skin and is safe to use with all our other products.  Enriched with Willow Bark the Acne Treatment System is a healthy botanical powerhouse to fight acne.  $30.00 includes carrying case

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