Friday, October 14, 2011

Caught my Dad's attention!!!

My Jordan Essentials order came in,  in last week,  I was traveling so I did not get a chance to rip it open and check out our NEW Limited Edition Holiday Scent

"Home for the Holidays"

Hand Wash / Hand & Body Lotion

Well,  when I opened the box,  I just had to try our Limited Edition Scent "Home for the Holidays".  LOVED IT!!!!  
Put it on,  then went about catching up on everything that was piled up on my desk at work,  my Dad walked into my office,  and said  "Something smells really good,  is that your STUFF!!!  I LIKE IT!!!!

Now you have to understand in the 9+ years that I've been representing and using Jordan Essentials,  my dad has never commented on any of the scents to me,  so I can see this "Home for the Holidays" gift set being the perfect gift for several members of my family!   Ummm and at the price, of only $25.00 for the set,  maybe a few others as well.

Our  "Home for the Holidays"  says Welcome Home!  Warm, inviting scents of vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg all in a Hand Wash and Hand & Body Lotion.  Beautiful, festive containers welcome everyone to your bathroom or kitchen!   $25.00  Get the set and save!   #25036   

**  The items can be purchased seperately  Hand Wash  $12.00  #13136   and Hand & Body Lotion $15.00  #16036

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