Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How do you use the Jordan Essentials Premier Home Spa System?

One of the GREAT things about Jordan Essentials, is that we understand that when you get your "Systems" home,  the tough part is remembering how to use your products.   After all,  you've slept since then,  and have been running the business of your day to day life!

So we include a little note card in each "SYSTEM" that explains the steps to follow,  however I know I change it up depending on how I'm feeling,  or what my body is telling me it needs.

 For example our Premier Home Spa System includes these steps for a luxurious Premier spa experience:

1.  Run a warm bath and sprinkle 1 capful of Dead Sea Salts under running water
2.  Add a capful of Shower Gel under running water to create a rich bubble bath.
3.  Light the Soy Candle and place on a safe surface
4.  Once in the tub,  use Salt Scrub for all over exfoliation, concentrating expecially on rought feet and elbows
5.  Once out of the tub,  pat dry and use Shea Butter or Body Lotion all over
6.  Spritz your body with Hydrating Body Spritzer and, if heading to bed, spritz your sheets as well!
7.  Apply Aluminum Free Deodorant for healthy freshness that will last all day.
8.  Use the Lip Butter over your lips for softness with SPF 15 and wrinkle reducers
9.  Finishing step:  Smooth the world famous Lotion Bar on hands, feet and elbows to seal in the moisture.

This system also contains a FREE Soap Saver.  Add Shower Gel as instructed and use as a hand soap or enjoy in the shower with a Bath Scrunchie!

**  You have a choice of ALL Signature Scents,  including unscented
***  Using as a gift,  Personalize,  up to 13 letters for $10.00 more
****  Your choice of Shea Butter or the Hand and Body Lotion

Order ONLINE in November and receive both the $5.00 and FREE  SPECIALS!!!!!!

Product #  60623

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