Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rudolf, the Red Nosed Reindeer . . .

Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer Marion Books.jpg Yes it's the season for Rudolph and his red nose. . . .

But to me it means something completely different.   I refer to it as "RED NOSE SEASON"    I get the first warning that  RED NOSE season is right around the corner when my sister comes to work with her allergies in high gear.   

Then I know the following week it will more then likely be my Husband, David,  with the massive allergy attack.   However he almost always manages to skip the "RED NOSE" effect and this year was no different.

Then usually I follow suit,  but my allergy attack last longer and is rougher then either my sister or my husband.  This year is was made worse by all the packing and construction going on as we're getting ready to move. . . Dust in every form decided to join forces and gang up on me.   Now into my 5th day, and meds from the doctor I'm starting to feel part human again.   

HOWEVER  the RED NOSE effect  is in full force. . . enough that David says poor baby every time he sees me.   But let me tell you it would be much worse,  to the point of unbearable without my Jordan Essentials. . . .  

The RED NOSE effect is greatly "DULLED"  by adding my  UNSCENTED Daily Deep Moisturizer to my nose several times per day (in addition to my usual routine).   It makes it feel so much better. . . however the first application makes it burn a little (my Dad used to always tell me if it burns you know it's working).   

I also keep an unscented lotion bar on hand,  so that I can scrape some of our beewax based lotion onto cotton swab and apply to the raw spots along the edge of my nose . . feels so much better.   

The two combined greatly reduce the "RED NOSE" syndrome and overall discomfort.  So much so that I'm afraid that Santa will have to use Rudolf this year,  as my nose will NOT be SORE and Glowing RED.   I still may not be able to breathe,  but at least you will not be able to spot my nose 10 feet away!

Thanks Jordan Essentials for carrying a complete line of UNSCENTED PRODUCTS including our facial care system. . . .it make a big difference to people like me.   Jordan Essentials is truly the Trusted Name in Family Skin Care Products.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Men need to Pamper their Skin too!!!

Jordan Essentials,  being the "Trusted Name in Family Skin Care"  realizes that proper skin care and a little tender loving care is not just for Women,  but for the MEN in our lives too!  
 Let's be honest,  most men's products are bought by women!  So why not Jordan Essentials?  They will love the clean, masculine fragrances and you will love knowing you are taking care of your loved ones in with healthy skin care products.    As a matter of fact,  Nancy's  husband Ron and her three sons have been Jordan Essentials "test" subjects during the 12 years  our company has been here.
Jordan Essentials offers TWO wonderful Men's scents (plus unscented)


  4 Him:

A classic fragrance!  Notes of Bergamot, Musk and Sandlewood.    Available in: 
Premier Set Pictured Here  $89.00 plus tax and shipping
Basic System    $30.00  includes Lotion Bar, 8 oz Salt Scrub, Hair and Body Wash

(all times are available individually)


For the sports, outdoors man, and fun loving guys!  Notes of Warm Woods, Patchouli and Citrus   Available in: 
Premier Set Pictured Here  $89.00 plus tax and shipping
Basic System    $30.00  includes Lotion Bar, 8 oz Salt Scrub, Hair and Body Wash

(all times are available individually)


Order TODAY and still receive in time for the Holidays!!! 

Made in the USA

Friday, November 30, 2012

Shop with Jordan Essentials and Create American Jobs

Jordan Essentials offers you 

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Jordan Essentials Thanksgiving Week, Black Friday and Cyber Monday Specials


Wishing You and Your Family a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

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Jordan Essentials ~~ The Trusted Name in Family Skin Care!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jordan Essentials Small Business Saturday stretched Today through Nov 25th

Be in charge of your future,  with your own Jordan Essentials Business,  to find out more about joining the Jordan Essentials Family  contact me today at  CathyJELady@gmail.com    call 832-465-8670   www.myjestore.com/CatherineJames     There is no BETTER TIME to JOIN!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

There is Help for your feet

  I came across the picture and all I could think about was the pain and discomfort that these heels are causing some person.   I understand the discomfort,  as my feet used to do this every winter when I lived and Pennsylvania.    The regrettably they still did it in the Houston Winters,  just not as long every year.

My heels are why I first tried Jordan Essentials,  the lotion bar  on my feet in the morning before I put my socks on,  and then again night  before going to bed.   I can honestly say that Jordan Essentials was a life saver.

Over the years I've told myself oh,  I don't need to worry about pampering my feet any more,  however my feet will soon remind me that I have not been paying them enough attention.

When I first started using Jordan Essentials (formerly Country Bunny Bath & Body)   I would use the salt scrub to help remove the dead skin,  but it stung as my feet were cracked and bleeding.  Then I would apply the shea butter,  and seal with a lotion bar.     When my feet are behaving I just use the lotion bar  (now we have the pedi stick  (in unscented or peppermint).    We do have an entire "Happy Feet Product Line"  that so many love,  but our Basic Set has everything that I need for my feet and in any one of our signature scents that I switch off with depending on my mood. 

Give your heels the pampering that they deserve from Jordan Essentials,  The Trusted Names in Family Skin Care!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Be Your OWN BOSS!!!

Be your own boss is back for 2 days only! If you want to learn more about Jordan Essentials we have a special call for you on Monday, Oct. 22nd at 8 pm CST Call in, sign up and start your own business right before the holiday shopping rush!

Call: (712) 432-0075 / Code: 150099

Friday, October 19, 2012

Santa's Little Helper Mystery Hostess Party! Are you my NEXT MYSTERY HOSTESS?

You're Invited to a Jordan Essentials Online PartySanta's Little Helper Mystery Hostess Party!!!

I am so excited to be able to Offer one of you get up to $200.00 in FREE JORDAN ESSENTIALS PRODUCTS. What a way to check off some of those from your Holiday Shopping List it's easy to enter. . .

Wouldn't it be great this Holiday Season to get your shopping done with these FREE products.

First follow this party link and place your order for Family Friendly products from Jordan Essentials. For every $20.00 in orders that you place you will receive one entry for an opportunity to be our Hostess.

Second Receive one additional entry for each Aluminum Free Deodorant that you order during this party, and it will make an automatic donation to Breast Cancer Research.

Third Receive one additional entry for each item ordered from our Jordan Essentials Kids Line

Fourth  "Book your own In Home SPA show or Book Party for November and receive 2 additional entries.

So pull out the list of items that you need to reorder or that will help you fill those Holiday Gifts, and remember an entry for each $20.00 you spend.

Hurry because this Mystery Hostess Party ends 9pm on Sunday October 28th. . .

Host: Mystery Hostess 102 -- Will you be the Lucky Hostess to receive ALL the FREE and DISCOUNTED PRODUCTS?????

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness from Jordan Essentials

Every October is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. This year, Jordan Essentials will adorn every deodorant with a pink ribbon sticker on it, and 50 cents out of every deodorant sold will be donated to Breast Cancer research (Breast Cancer Support and Research of the Ozarks). Make sure and tell people Jordan Essentials' deodorant is ALUMINUM and PARABEN FREE! It's the perfect product to show your support this Breast Cancer Awareness October.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Know what you're getting?

Our Fall Product Launch included our Day at the Spa fragrance in an Essential Oil. These types of oils are the concentrated, liquid essence of plants. ere are many uses for essentials oils, as they are believed to contain therapeutic properties that can have various eff ects, such
as emotionally and physically.  Th ey are strong in smell and off er us a natural way to fragrance our product without using a synthetic fragrance.  

This month, customers can get a FREE Shea Butter upgrade in any Day at the Spa System. Not only will you be using an Essential Oil, but our Shea Butter is a very bene ficial product as well. 

When we talk about skin care we all think lotion. It is what is in the lotion and what it actually does to your skin that matters most. Some probably think Mineral Oil is a quick fi x, but it creates a barrier like plastic wrap on the skin. Many companies use this because it is a cheap industrial by product and is a quick fix to dry skin. The problem is the skin cannot breath. Mineral oil also causes wrinkling to occur because the skin is being smothered.  Have you ever left a vegetable in a plastic bag too long? Th e moisture it did have has nowhere to go
and it puckers and molds.

Our lotion is designed with better skin health in mind. A dried out skin cell looks like a letter C. It is not round, whole, and plump. This is one time plump is healthy! A nice plump skin cell does not wrinkle and holds water in the right amount.

Our Shea Butter Lotion is really thick and the Hand and Body Lotion is thinner and balanced with sun ower oil. Shea Butter is made with a moisture-rich butter obtained from the nut
of the Karite tree in Central Africa, also known as Karite butter and African butter. A superb
emollient ideal for use in skin moisturizers. It helps enhance cell regeneration and capillary
circulation, which assists in the healing of small wounds, cracks, and crevices in the skin.
Shea Butter is renowned for its skin so ftening and moisture retaining ability. What makes shea
butter so great for the skin is its high content of fatty acids. Th ese fatty acids are indispensable
for moisturizing and retaining the elasticity of the skin. By making up for lipid (fat) de ciency
in the epidermal cells, shea butter provides the skin with all the essential elements it needs for its good balance. It is also high in Vitamin E.  It has an anti-elastase characteristic, which makes it a good active ingredient against stretch marks.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rich, Warm and Cozy

It is undeniable that we as human beings are drawn to color! Colors saturate our atmosphere. They give us a certain “vibe”. Colors can make people feel calm and relaxed, or uptight and anxious. Some of us are naturally drawn to the subtle neutrals, while others love the stimulation of vibrant hues. We all have our di fferent preferences, but as the Holiday season approaches and Fall fastly arrives, we can’t negate the fact that the end of the year is the time for those rich, warm, and cozy colors!

  That’s why this month we want to start you o ff in the right direction - with the warm and rich! Our September Hostess Special gives you the chance to earn our new Warm Peach and Copper Eye shadows for just $5 when you hold a $300 show! is is the perfect eyeshadow duo to get your makeup collection ready for the Fall season! So get your party together, try out the colors, and reach your goals!

There is still time to book your September show!  Contact me