Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday Stretch your Dollars TIP with Jordan Essentials

Happy New Year,  I have decided to start a NEW addition to my blog,  Sunday Stretch your Dollars with Jordan Essentials.

If your family is like mine you have those who will remain loyal to their "bars of soap".    However I am not one,  I get very  frustrated with those little bars of soap that are left laying on the sink,  because they don't want to throw them out,  nor do they do anything but make a mess.

My solution is to slip them into a soap sack,  then they can be hung nicely and used in the shower or at the sink.   I allows you to use the soap to the very end, and does not leave a mess.

The soap sacks are available in Blue and White,  and can be found in my web store under Essential Accessories.   They're even washable,  just add them to your next order or contact me directly.

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