Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Stretch your Dollars TIP with Jordan Essentials

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Sunday Stretch your Dollars TIP with Jordan Essentials.

The Jordan Essentials Hostess Benefits have always been something for everyone to be excited about.  Free Products.   Depending on the size of your party can be from $15.00 to $200.00!!!

 1/2 priced Premier Sets depending on the size of your show saving $44 on 1 to 4 Premier Sets . . . what a way to stretch your dollars!!!

Mystery Gifts that could include FREE a facial brush, lotion bar, spa polish or even Product Sets or Shower Gel for a year.

But during the Month of January you will have the extra opportunity  . .  to receive  ONE of our mineral makeup items for FREE that's a savings of  $10, $12, $18 or even $20!!!!!!

Want to Stretch Your Dollars with Jordan Essentials,  contact me today to schedule your  Spa Show, Online Party or Book Show!

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