Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jordan Essentials Chocolate and Cherries

Like most of us,  I get set in my routine,  using my favorite products,  and I sometimes drag my feet about trying something new. . . I did this for a month,  and finally broke down this week and tried  the Jordan Essentials  NEWEST LIP GLOSS. . .

Chocolate covered Cherry Lip Gloss

Now I wish I would have tried it sooner,  like all of our lip glosses it went on smooth,  and was  not any where near as dark as I expected it to be. . . 

Love it,  it'll not be part of my regular routine . . ..  check it out

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday TIPS: Help protect against insect bites

Lemongrass Scent,  Additional Protection!!!

The Jordan Essentials Lotion Bar has always been part of my skin care routine when planning to be outside,  as the beeswax of the lotion bar was always a protection against insect bites.  Do not miss those bites that swell up to the size of a half dollar and months to go away. . . .NOW  Jordan Essentials NEW LEMONGRASS scent this has the wonderful protection with the lotion bar. . . .but it goes one step further!  

The Lemongrass essential oil that we use is also  Natural  Protection  so you help protecting against those pesky insects.   Me,  I'm going to be adding the Lemongrass Spritzer to my next order!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Jordan Essentials Announces NEW LIP BUTTER

New Spring  LIP BUTTER

Spring time is cropping up all across the country! The NEW Popular Poppy Lip Butter is the perfect way to welcome spring to your wardrobe! So pretty and fresh! Enjoy a new Lip Butter color with your favorite consultant by visiting.

Check out ALL the GREAT Colors!!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Stretch your Dollars TIP with Jordan Essentials

Jordan Essentials  Spritzers

Our Spritzer are a GREAT way to stretch your buying dollar.   Refreshing spray that is perfect to layer over the application of the Lotion Bar or Body Lotion to leave your skin feeling hydrated and fragrant. Bonus Use: Add spritzer in tabletop fountains and enjoy the fragrant aroma in any room.

Now that the weather is warming,  I love putting the spritzer in the fridge,  and after exercise spraying myself to cool down.   Also keep one in my travel suit case and the first thing I do when I check in is spritz the room.   They are even GREAT on wet doggies  and so much more!

Friday, March 16, 2012

It's Time to get ready for my Jordan Essentials Bunny Hop!!!!

Jordan Essentials 
"Bunny Hop"
(USA and Territory Residents Only)

Colored Eggs,  Candy and FREE Jordan  Essentials Products!!

Book your "Bunny Hop" today!!

What is a Bunny Hop? A great way to host an on the go catalog spa party to help family and friends shop with American made, high quality Jordan Essentials bath and body products! It is super easy, fun and you are helping family and friends enjoy, de-stress and get ready for SPRING!

A very easy Catalog party!!
All you have to do is:

1) During your Easter Holiday, take a "Bunny Hop" packet to your family and friends' holiday events!
2) Collect $150 or more in orders!
3) Start your "Bunny Hop April 1st"
4)Turn your orders in by Sunday evening April15th
 I will draw your prize and you can redeem it immediately!
(and apply your hostess credit to FREE Products)

Bunny Hop packages will be mailed out on the next business day after requested.
To get yours..simply reply "YES" and include your mailing address for your opportunity to win some free products. 

or call or text me at  832-465-8770

Deadline to register is Friday March 23rd!
Every participant will WIN!

Let me know if you would like to participate by Sunday March 26th and your . Bunny Hop Packets will be mailed on Monday day, so you can get started on your $150 plus in orders. (On average, this only takes 2 or 3 orders OR you can place the $150 order yourself)

In addition, if I have 8 Bunny Hop Hostesses,  each participants name will go into a drawing for:

$50 in FREE Products (1 winner)
$25 in Free Products (2 winners)