Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday TIPS: Help protect against insect bites

Lemongrass Scent,  Additional Protection!!!

The Jordan Essentials Lotion Bar has always been part of my skin care routine when planning to be outside,  as the beeswax of the lotion bar was always a protection against insect bites.  Do not miss those bites that swell up to the size of a half dollar and months to go away. . . .NOW  Jordan Essentials NEW LEMONGRASS scent this has the wonderful protection with the lotion bar. . . .but it goes one step further!  

The Lemongrass essential oil that we use is also  Natural  Protection  so you help protecting against those pesky insects.   Me,  I'm going to be adding the Lemongrass Spritzer to my next order!!!!

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