Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday TIP: Puppy Dogs too!!!!

When we say that Jordan Essentials is for the ENTIRE FAMILY.   We mean it!!!!!

It's been awhile since our Scottie passed but he was a Jordan Essentials DOG!   Yep,  shower gel for his doggie bath,  leave in Conditioner to remove the tangles in his hair and make for easier combing,  our Spritzer to get rid of that wet doggie smell,  and the lotion bar to put on his nail when it got trimmed by hubby just a little to close.

These memories were brought back when one of our JE Family shared her story.  

I know this may sound weird, but my dog has a bad skin allergy and none of the remedies the vet recommends work for long. Someone told me to try the OMH shower gel and follow with OMH lotion bar. To my surprise, she has yet to itch since and no nasty wet dog smell afterwards! JE products really are for the WHOLE family!

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