Friday, June 15, 2012

Fact Friday: Summer Fashions

Summer Fashions!

When we think of summer fashions,  we think HOT weather,  HIGH TEMPERATURES and as little clothing as possible.

I have to say my thoughts have always run how to be comfortable out in the hot temperatures while also working in air conditioning.   

I have to be honest,  I never thought much  about Summer Fashion accessories.  Like everyone thought sandals,  sun glasses, a hat,  you know the type of things I'm thinking about.

A couple of weeks ago I was at a conference and was surprised to see the number of women in their summer fashions,  and realized that  "We DO use our SKIN as an accessory"    Bare Arms, Bare Legs and of course our feet.    

Most of us wearing sandals pretty well have the toe nails done.  But the thoughts kept running through my mind like :   Ummm she needs our sunless tanner  or  think she might enjoy the Jordan Essentials foot pampering  set,  or our shea butter,  or our salt scrub . . . 

If we're going to use our SKIN as an ACCESSORY  we really do need to take a few minutes  to pamper this Summer Fashion Accessory

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