Monday, June 4, 2012

One of the things that I love most about being a Jordan Essentials Consultant,  are the "Customer Testimonials".  I've scattered a few off and on throughout this blog.  One was shared by another Consultant and I wanted to take a moment to share it here,  because it brought TEARS to my eyes and warmed by heart knowing that I work for a company who's products HELP SO MUCH.

My son had skin problems from the day he was born, I only wish I knew about JE back then. When he was 3 months old he would break out in rashes all over his body, 6 months and 3 doctors visits later every doctor says its eczema. 1st doc recommended store bought hydocortizone cream, that helped a little...second doc wrote a script for higher power hydrocortizone cream, that also helped a little, 3rd doc recommended benadryl for itching, hydrocortizone cream and that we see a allergy specialist. After 2 trips to kc to allergy specialist she recommends zyrtec, wearing 100% cotton and gives script for high potency steroid cream and I am supposed to apply 6 times a day to affected areas. His affected area was his whole body, and this cream was $60 a tube.

I decided then and there I would not pump all that "crap" into my 2 year old. I don't want something to just make him feel better, I wanted to cure him so to speak! It was so bad during the summer he would wake up in the middle of the night screaming because he itched. I had literally tried every cream and soap possible. His itching was so bad he would scratch and break open the skin, then continue scratching and he got a staph infection 2 different times in one of his sores because his finger nails were dirty. Doc recommended keeping fingernails clean to prevent further staph infections...yeah right a 2 year old with clean fingernails!! One day I had enough and sat down at the computer and googled all natural was to help with chronic eczema. I found a blog someone had written on a green moms website. She said she started using dss in her daughters bath when she was 3 to help with her eczema. Someone commented on her blog and asked where she got this dss and she said Jordan Essentials. So I googled Jordan Essentials. I didn't order right away because I was hesitant..I told my self nothing else has worked why would this?! I tried to find a local consultant on the webpage and it sent me to one like 6 hours away so I just forgot about it. Then one day Robyn Miller came into my store wearing a JE sweatshirt, and I asked her if she sold it and she did. She hooked me up with my amazing sponsor. She came to chanute that night with samples and advice on Greys eczema. The rest is history. Long story long here, I give my kids dss baths 2 times per week, and shea butter afterwards, and was them with je soap. I now dress Grey in 100% cotton, and he is all but cured. He did have a bad break out in March because I had my open house at my store and left all my je products there bc I was exhausted. I gave him a bath with regular soap thinking oh just this once wont hurt him. WRONG! His back was broke out within an hour. The next night I call Cindy and tell her what happened, she said DSS mud mask, gently rub with salt scrub, and shea butter after. POOF! Gone by the am! Grey loved running around naked slathered in mud! Now after bath time i tell him to get the butter and he runs and gets it. He loves to help me rub it in!!

Best part besides almost curing my sons eczema, a couple months ago I took him to the dr for a bug bite that I had but a bandaid on and he had an allergic reaction to the laytex in the bandaid. The doctor said he was going to give me a cream to help with healing. I said not necessary, we use natural alternative medicine at our house if possible. I told him we manage Greys "skin problems" with natural things. He said If you don't mind me asking Mrs Finley how do you manage it? I told him the whole story and he took notes! He said he as going to share the info with several other patients who suffer from eczema like Grey!!!

Wow that was long but that is why Im so passionate about sharing JE. Because it allowed me to do for my son what 3 doctors with a combined 24 years of school couldn't do. :)

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