Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Tip: Large Pores a Problem?

This is a big Buzz Lately!  Pores can become enlarged when they are clogged.  Good cleansing and exfoliating are key to reducing poor size.   Using the Clay Mask weekly, Spa Polish a couple times a week and then Toner Mist daily will help minimize pours before you even put makeup on.  Using Toner Mist before makeup tones the pores even more.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jordan Essentials Make Up Brushes

You know how when you purchase something, it's always with the intention to use it.  I've accumulated several of our brushes but I never used them.  Thought I would keep them for customers to check out.   Finally I broke down and decided to try one of our synthetic make up brushes with  bamboo handles.   OH MY!!!! What was I waiting for!!!!!

They are so soft and our mineral makeup goes on soooooo smoothly with them.   We carry 6 different brushes at this time,  and we'll have another brush being added  with our FALL Product launch on the 18th

Contact me TODAY if you would like more information on our brushes.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Tip:

Something to think about: 

At age 30 your skin's collagen begins to break down like a crumbling brick wall over time. Need some new building blocks of skin care? 

Try the new Jordan Essentials Multi Peptide Serum with Vitamin C! 

Peptides are amazing cutting edge anti aging gems! They help replace lost collagen and then actually stimulate cells to make more! 

Formulated with Vitamin C to brighten and enhance the Peptide power! 

Contact me  today and ask about your FREE one week supply of Multi Peptide Serum!