Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Got a Cold Sore -- Try Jordan Essentials - Chemical Free Treatment!

 Tuesday Cool tip; Got a cold sore? 

 Our Consultants and Customers report the Jordan Essentials Acne Treatment Gel with natural Willow Bark helps reduce the pain and swelling quickly! It is only $8 and works double duty on acne! Get one today to keep on hand. 

Shop www.myjestore.com/CatherineJames for this great product and more with your favorite Consultant! Thanks Kimberly Jackson, Managing Director, for the tip!

Jordan Essentials - Acne Treatment Gel

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jordan Essentials: Mineral Makup Clinic

Please join us for an Afternoon of Pampering!

Jordan Essentials is launching it's fall products and I would love to share them with you.

~~ Experience hand spas with Dye Free Essential Oil Day at the Spa
~~ Facials with healthy Botanical Face Care
~~ Mineral Makeovers with our NEW warm fall peachy colors

Enjoy being pampered, spoiled and a NEW look!

RSVP's appreciated so that we have enough set ups ready. 
at the offices of Dixie Cullen 
7150 Almeda Genoa ~ Houston TX  77075
Receive Door Prize Tickets for:

1 -- ticket to RSVP for the event
1 -- ticket for each guest you bring and RSVP
1 -- tickets for bringing your own brushes

Opportunities for more entries during the event!

Can't make it to Houston, contact me at CathyJELady@gmail.com  and I will help you locate the Launch site closest to you!

In the meantime....

Feel free to shop online by clicking here, or contact me if you have any questions.

Jordan Essentials Consultant:
Catherine James

 Catherine James

Jordan Essentials
Managing Director  #3854


Blog:  http://CathyJELadyNews.blogspot.com
Face Book Fan Page:  http://www.facebook.com/CathyJELady 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Welcome to the family!!!

I'm so excited, our family has grown by 2 in less then 3 weeks. Nathanial came while I was at the Jordan Essentials Convention two weeks ago and Bailey came Thursday evening. My sister is below holding both of her NEW Grandbabies (which are both Jordan Essentials Babies just like Bailey's big sister Gabby).

Congratulations  to Christi and Carl Bolt on Nathanial  and to Gwen and Tony for Bailey.  Sending my sister Susan prayers for her on going patience and sanity with all her grandbabies!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jordan Essentials: Mineral Makeup Clinics

Makeup --  is something that I've learn about from friends and a lot of trial and error.    I was never one to wear a lot of makeup in part from the early hour that I start my day combined with the Houston heat and humidity.

I have to say I was a little nervous about showing everyone the wonders of the Jordan Essentials Mineral Makeup line.  Once I started wearing it  I noticed that for the first time I could wear Makeup without my face starting to itch and my eyes watering.

I LOVE the NATURAL LOOK,  and the natural built-in SPF Sunscreen coverage when wearing it.   The Tinted Moisturizer is amazing.

I took advantage of the Mineral Makeover classes at our annual convention a few weeks ago.   Learned so much,  some wonderful tricks and some SUPER information that I an not wait to share.   The above picture is my after makeup clinic, and I did it all by myself!!

If you have not tried Mineral Makeup --  you need to try Jordan Essentials 100% Minerals,  no fillers.  Contact me to schedule your one on one mineral makeover,  Mineral Makeup Party (and earn FREE products) or attend our Mineral Makeup Clinic here in Houston on August 18th  1-3 pm   RSVP  CathyJELady@gmail.com

Tuesday Tip: Which Concealer Stick to Use?

Blue or Yellow?    Well having never been instructed on the finer points of makeup until I  attended one of our Jordan Essentials Mineral Makeup Clinics and asked the question . . . What is the Difference?

  • Blue Stick is for red, rosacea and neutralizes blemishes.  Also know at a "Zit Zapper"
  • Yellow Stick is to neutralize purple under eye circles and correct mile redness
Dab a small amount onto a Concealer Brush or use the stick right on dark spots and use brush to blend. 

Jordan Essentials carries both Concealer's

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jordan Essentials Founder,  Nancy Bogart was featured in an article that was just released today....


Jordan Essentials, Its all about the Family Made in the USA Skin Care  www.buydirectusa.com

American Made skin care products from a company that cares about your family  

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