Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rich, Warm and Cozy

It is undeniable that we as human beings are drawn to color! Colors saturate our atmosphere. They give us a certain “vibe”. Colors can make people feel calm and relaxed, or uptight and anxious. Some of us are naturally drawn to the subtle neutrals, while others love the stimulation of vibrant hues. We all have our di fferent preferences, but as the Holiday season approaches and Fall fastly arrives, we can’t negate the fact that the end of the year is the time for those rich, warm, and cozy colors!

  That’s why this month we want to start you o ff in the right direction - with the warm and rich! Our September Hostess Special gives you the chance to earn our new Warm Peach and Copper Eye shadows for just $5 when you hold a $300 show! is is the perfect eyeshadow duo to get your makeup collection ready for the Fall season! So get your party together, try out the colors, and reach your goals!

There is still time to book your September show!  Contact me

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