Friday, November 9, 2012

There is Help for your feet

  I came across the picture and all I could think about was the pain and discomfort that these heels are causing some person.   I understand the discomfort,  as my feet used to do this every winter when I lived and Pennsylvania.    The regrettably they still did it in the Houston Winters,  just not as long every year.

My heels are why I first tried Jordan Essentials,  the lotion bar  on my feet in the morning before I put my socks on,  and then again night  before going to bed.   I can honestly say that Jordan Essentials was a life saver.

Over the years I've told myself oh,  I don't need to worry about pampering my feet any more,  however my feet will soon remind me that I have not been paying them enough attention.

When I first started using Jordan Essentials (formerly Country Bunny Bath & Body)   I would use the salt scrub to help remove the dead skin,  but it stung as my feet were cracked and bleeding.  Then I would apply the shea butter,  and seal with a lotion bar.     When my feet are behaving I just use the lotion bar  (now we have the pedi stick  (in unscented or peppermint).    We do have an entire "Happy Feet Product Line"  that so many love,  but our Basic Set has everything that I need for my feet and in any one of our signature scents that I switch off with depending on my mood. 

Give your heels the pampering that they deserve from Jordan Essentials,  The Trusted Names in Family Skin Care!

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