Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rudolf, the Red Nosed Reindeer . . .

Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer Marion Books.jpg Yes it's the season for Rudolph and his red nose. . . .

But to me it means something completely different.   I refer to it as "RED NOSE SEASON"    I get the first warning that  RED NOSE season is right around the corner when my sister comes to work with her allergies in high gear.   

Then I know the following week it will more then likely be my Husband, David,  with the massive allergy attack.   However he almost always manages to skip the "RED NOSE" effect and this year was no different.

Then usually I follow suit,  but my allergy attack last longer and is rougher then either my sister or my husband.  This year is was made worse by all the packing and construction going on as we're getting ready to move. . . Dust in every form decided to join forces and gang up on me.   Now into my 5th day, and meds from the doctor I'm starting to feel part human again.   

HOWEVER  the RED NOSE effect  is in full force. . . enough that David says poor baby every time he sees me.   But let me tell you it would be much worse,  to the point of unbearable without my Jordan Essentials. . . .  

The RED NOSE effect is greatly "DULLED"  by adding my  UNSCENTED Daily Deep Moisturizer to my nose several times per day (in addition to my usual routine).   It makes it feel so much better. . . however the first application makes it burn a little (my Dad used to always tell me if it burns you know it's working).   

I also keep an unscented lotion bar on hand,  so that I can scrape some of our beewax based lotion onto cotton swab and apply to the raw spots along the edge of my nose . . feels so much better.   

The two combined greatly reduce the "RED NOSE" syndrome and overall discomfort.  So much so that I'm afraid that Santa will have to use Rudolf this year,  as my nose will NOT be SORE and Glowing RED.   I still may not be able to breathe,  but at least you will not be able to spot my nose 10 feet away!

Thanks Jordan Essentials for carrying a complete line of UNSCENTED PRODUCTS including our facial care system. . . .it make a big difference to people like me.   Jordan Essentials is truly the Trusted Name in Family Skin Care Products.

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