Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Treadmill and Jordan Essentials Bribe

We've been moving,  we're in our new apartment,  but I still have boxes everywhere,  so when I was not at work this weekend I was unpacking boxes.    As with most January is a commitment to exercise regularly.   Well unpacking hefting boxes is a form of exercise.

But I've also been working on the treadmill.   But today I came home from work,  started puttering around with fixing dinner because I did not WANT to get on the treadmill.   I knew that I had to get on that nasty treadmill,  because it's good for me.

Then I remember something that Nancy Bogart, CEO of Jordan Essentials,  mentioned in one of our Success Coaching Calls . . . What is your way?    My  why is like most for a healthier life style. . . but then I realized that I had the perfect  REWARD for myself. . .   My NEW JET TUB and a brand new jar of  Dead  Sea Salts . . .and realized that if I got on that treadmill and did my 30 minutes, I could reward myself with a soak in the tub.   Oh my,  what a reward!!!!!

So I've decided that for each time that I increase my time, speed and incline that I will reward myself with a wonderful  Jordan Essentials soak.

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