Friday, January 18, 2013

What are you using on your HEAD?

For 11 years I've taken care of my skin with Jordan Essentials and I can honestly say that my skin does not show my true age.  LOVE IT!!!

But I've not thought much about my hair.   I try not to because it's so thin.   I wash it,  and condition it,  but I also abuse it. . . blow dryer,  gel,  curling iron,  clipping it back,  and hair spray.  Having my good hair days and my bad hair days.   Not getting to the salon to get it pampered anywhere as much as I should.

Well last night I finally made it to the salon,   got my highlights,  cut,  style and blow out.   All the time I'm being told by  Emma that my hair feels so nice,  my hair while thin is so healthy.   Told her I don't know why I don't do anything special.   I got a  "DON'T TELL ME THAT!  WHAT ARE YOU USING ON YOUR HEAD!!!

Why  Jordan Essentials of course . .  shampoo for color treated , thin or fine hair,   everyday  moisturizing shampoo and once a week our hair mask.

Then I shared with her that the Jordan Essentials  conditioner does not just sit on your hair,  it actually penetrates the hair follicle to repair damage.

Brandi R  a Cosmologist  was quoted in our catalog  " As a licensed Cosmetologist and stylist I recommend the Jordan Essential Hair Care system.  I often get asked,  'How often should I use Conditioner in my hair'.  The JE Daily Conditioner is perfect because it does not leave a buildup on the hair shaft and is botanically healthy for your hair.  You need to daily condition to protect the hair shaft.   Curlier or thicker hair?  Use the Hair Mask every other Wash.

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