Sunday, April 7, 2013

Color Trends ~~ Pretty in Pastel

Jordan Essentials has a lot of great mineral colors to accomodate a wide range of eople going for any specific look.  From the darks to the lights,  to the muted to the vibrant,  JE has you covered.

Recently Jordan Essentials has added new Lavender Eyeshadow.  We've paired it with our Petal Pink Eyeshadow and Shimmering Pink Lip Gloss for April's Hostess Special.  These might be different colors for people to try,  but we want to encourage you to be hold and get creative!  Pastels are the "IT" colors this season and experts in the field give tips on how to sport them.

Writers on stated,  "While spring makeup typically includes lots of color,  this season it's all about pastels -- lilac lipsticks, petal pink blush, and even minty green and butter yellow eye shadows are the "IT" colors right now.  While we've always loved this trend in theory,  our initial reaction was horror:  How are going to pull off these colors without looking like a 5-year-old who put on her makeup using Barbies Stash?"

If, like us, you'd love to indulge in the pastel makeup trend but fear it's too tough to pull off, here's some refreshing news.  Pastel makeup is actually one of the easiest trends to wear, says celebrity makeup artist Geoffrey Rodriguez.

"Since you're not mixing any shades and you're just applying a very simple wash of the color on your features,  there's virtually no room for error:  he says.  The catch,  however,  is to apply pastel colors in a soft way.  Finally, a trend that doesn't require skill and camping on board.  Are you?

Lilac is one of the easiest pastels to wear,  says Rodriguez, because "it complements both warm and cool tones, like a neutral color."  He says the key to wearing this trend is to commit to the color and go all the way -- monochromatic that is.  "By wearing lilac on your lips, lids and cheeks, you don't have to wonder about coordinating -- you look put together immediately" he says.

See below for Jordan Essentials' Colors.

"Lilac"  -- Use JE's Lavender Eyeshadow
"Lilac Lipstick"  -- Use JE's Mauvelous Mauve Lip Butter
"Petal Pink Blush"  -- Use JE's Tickled Pink Blush
"Minty Green"  -- Use JE's Fern Green Eyeshadow
"Butter Yellow" -- Use JE's Aztec Gold

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