Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Deep Set Eyes or Hollow eyes -- try this

Tuesday Tip:
      Deep Set Eyes or Hollow Eyes?

With a sponge apply Time Rewind Eye Cream around eyes.  Mix a little of the Time Rewind with a powder close to your shade or one shade lighter.  This creates a cream that is perfect for the eye area.  This also works well for deep dark circles that are hereditary.    

Set with powder and brush in light strokes.

Bring out cheek bones with darker colors to keep the focus balanced. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday Testimonial: Jordan Essentials Diffusers

Thursday Testimonial:
Lemongrass Diffusers 
Deborah -- JE Representative:   And so I've  been at my vendor event all weekend which is actually a huge flea market at the county fairgrounds. Anyway, my table is inside a building. We are able to leave our items out on our tables, they lock the building. I kept a lemongrass and lavender diffuser open on my table. When i arrived this morning all other vendors were complaining about bugs everywhere, on their tables,crawling on their items, on the floor.....but there was not one bug in my area! Oh thank you Lemongrass!
DID YOU KNOW:  That if you flip the reeds once a week,  it helps to keep the scent "alive".  In addition there is no alcohol in our Diffusers,  so the product does not evaporate on you.  Mine last forever,  depending on where they are in relationship to the heating/AC vents mine average 6 to 12 months!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Sleep with an Extra Pillow

Tuesday Tip:

Sleep with an extra pillow!  Some dark circles are from extra fluid built up in the eye area which appear as bags.  Especially when traveling and your skin is under extra stress.  Try to keep your head tilted up and ask for extra pillows!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday Testimonial: Shea Butter for your Hair

Thursday Testimonial:  
Debbie shared this solution to a problem: 
OK so I was having a lot of problems with the ends of my hair, split ends, extremely dry, kept getting it cut, tried heat protectant products, coconut oil treatments.....etc. Yesterday, I had an epiphany! I thought, hey, hair is skin right?! Right?! Lol! I damp dried my hair, and then put small amount of OMH shea butter on it. Oh my gosh! I have to say it looked like a million bucks! Not greasy, very soft and bouncy! I am a new woman LOL
Jordan Essentials Webstore

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Red Lipstick for everyone?

Tuesday Tip:
      Red Lipstick IS for Everyone!

The other morning I was watching ABC13 News and they were talking about red lipstick being for EVERYONE.  I'm thinking to myself,  they've never seen RED LIPSTICK on me.  But they had some GREAT tips for wearing RED.

First you must use a lip liner to keep the red from bleeding,  even if it's a Neutral shade (BTW Jordan Essentials has a Neutral color Lip Liner).

Second, be sure to apply with precision

Third, experiment with colors. . .some people need a red that is more yellow or blue,  while others need a more orange red or even a more rustic red.  Play to get the color that works best for you. (Jordan Essentials also has several shades of our RED Lip Butter without toxins for you to check out)

Finally when wearing red lipstick keep your other makeup simple

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday Testimonial: Jordan Essentials Make Over

Just got this Jordan Essential Testimonial from a great customer of one of our TEAM MEMBERS!!

I just I want you to know how much I love Jordan Essentials! The deodorant totally works so my hunt for a natural deodorant that doesn't leave me afraid to raise my arms at the end of the day is happily over!

The Mineral Powder makeup is absolutely amazing! I mix it with my moisturizer and have a perfect tinted moisturizer and then if I need extra coverage I just add some more powder for a flawless look. As I have been traveling around and seeing friends I haven't seen for a while I have gotten lots of compliments on how good my skin looks and although I hate to admit it I sometimes have a bad habit of not washing my makeup before I fall into bed at night, so it's comforting to know that when I make that mistake it is still a natural product on my face.

I also love the eye makeup remover so much and the facial brush has been amazing for cleaning my face...thank you thank you!

Kara's Before and After Pictures of her Mineral Makeover!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Dark Circles?

Tuesday Tip:  Dark Circles?

To cover up dark circles use your yellow highlighter stick and your fingers or a brush to pat into eye area.

Use a neutral eye shadow on lid and only apply liner to the top lashes.  The lighter the lid the large the eye appears the more open the eye will appear.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

June is FULL of GREAT Jordan Essential Gifts for YOU!

So excited about the June Specials . .  .

Customer Special is a FREE Lemongrass Spritzer with the Lemongrass Basic Set -- this set is perfect for anyone who spends time outdoors this summer.  

 Hostess Special - A Multi-Peptide Skin Firming Serum for just $5.00 with a $300.00 show (book, online, in-home the choice is yours).  


Father's Day Special:  Then we can't forget about the men in our life . . save $19.00 on the 4 Him or the Rebel scents and just in time for Fathers Day, Graduations and just because!


As a Special Gift from me . . ALL JUNE hostesses with a $300.00 or more party will also have her choice of a FREE Eye Makeup Remover or Brush Cleaner.   CONTACT ME TODAY 
All Parties must Close before June 21st 2013