Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Testimonial: Jordan Essentials Dead Sea Salts

Jordan Essentials
          Dead Sea Salts!

I thought that I was one of the few that had multiple scents on the shelf in my Bathroom.  I keep Peppermint for soaking after a tough workout (usually not having worked out in awhile),  Happiness for when I need a pick-me up or I've had a rough, stressful day at work.   Sweet Cucumber Melon because it's my favorite Scent.

Well these ladies are sharing some wonderful ideas about why they have multiple scents open.   I'm going to have to try a few, and  I never though of mixing!

Lynn --  I like the G&L for Mornings when I'm in need of some energy. I mix the happiness with it sometimes too.

Carol --  I used the peppermint when I have a cold or when the kids have one to open up their heads and when I broke my toes to encourage healing and blood circulation. It is also great when it is warm out to give you that refreshing minty feeling.

Peggy -- Yes I mix any of them with peppermint but when I first started running peppermint was my go too. I use the lavender when I feel I need to sleep better. 

Jennifer --  Peppermint has been great for my morning sickness!

We have many more . . 
        "My eczema is so much better when I soak regularly"
        "I have Chron's disease and when I soak at night I get so much relief"
        "Nothing melts away the stress and tension like the Dead Sea Salts from Jordan Essentials"

The Jordan Essentials Dead Sea Salt is available in ALL Signature Scents,  plus Peppermint, Rebel and 4Him.

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