Thursday, August 8, 2013

Testimony Thursday: Wasp Stings

Testimony Thursday:
          Help for  Wasp Stings 

Victoria :  I was in charge of baking a cake for 100 people for a family friend's baptism. I was taking a break on my sofa when all of a sudden a wasp came out of nowhere and stung me on my palm near my thumb, hitting my nerve. I've never been stung before and the pain was excruciating!!! It immediately turned red and swelled three times its size. I ran cold water over it but nothing. I was getting nervous because my hand started stiffening and I had to finish the cake. Then I remembered my Jordan Essentials! I ran upstairs and applied detox clay mask for about 10 minutes, rinsed it off and then smothered my entire hand in Skin Relief. I decided to go to bed early and hopefully I'd be better in the morning to finish. When I awoke, the swelling was just about gone and there was only a little mark where it had stung me. I was absolutely amazed- my JE saved the day again!!!

Skin Relief

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