Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Testimony: Lemongrass Spriter is protection for the entire family

Thursday Testimony:
     Lemongrass Spritzer Helps!

Cheri P:  Hi, Cathy!  I’ve been  meaning to tell you this, but I keep forgetting every time I’ve seen you.  I bought your Jordan Essentials Lemongrass Citrus Body Spritzer some time last year.  This summer, we took our grandchildren to northern Wisconsin to visit my husband’s family.  It is beautiful up there… lakes everywhere, lots of wildlife sightings and good fishing.  The one downside to all that beautiful nature is the mosquitos…. Very large, very hungry mosquitoes… and plenty of them!   The first day we were there, we used the traditional Off! brand of insect repellant, which wore off after about an hour.   Later that evening, I found the Lemongrass spritzer in my suitcase, and we used it once a day for the next 8 days.  It worked great at keeping all those pesky mosquitoes away from us, and we smelled so much better than bug spray!
Thanks for recommending this wonderful product!
**  Footnote --  All Lemongrass Products will benefit  and can be found on my webstore

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