Friday, October 25, 2013

Fact Friday: Facts on Orange Essential Oil

In a previous blog post I mentioned how relaxing it was when my hairdresser added a few drops of Orange Essential Oil to my shampoo.  With the pending change of the clocks (November 3rd),  a lot of has issues,  so maybe you want to look at ordering your bottle of Orange Essential Oil and have it ready!

What are the Documented Orange Uses and Benefits? Arteriosclerosis, angina (false), depression, cardiac spasm, cancer, complexion (dull and oily), wrinkles, hypertension, digestion (constipation and diarrhea), dyspepsia, insomnia, menopause, palpitation and water retention.

What is the Aromatic Affect on the Mind? Its fresh and citrus aroma is very uplifting to the body and mind

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Testimonial: Jordan Essentials and Eczema

If you've been reading my blog posts,  you know that I love hearing how the Jordan Essentials products have helped someone,  as my reason for joining is because the products have helped me.  Here is another of our wonderful success stories.

Many time, it's a combination of our products that help with a problem.  Like the one below,  it was a combination of our Shea Butter and Dead Sea Salts.

Elizabeth Pope:   Success Story: I have a friend that has two children with eczema. They are 9 and 15, and have tried everything possible to tame it. Klayton's is so bad that every scented lotion he's tried burns so bad he is driven to tears. We came home for a visit, so I didn't have much to leave with them. I left enough for them to last until either I could get her more or she could make an order. After one bath soak in the sea salts, bathing using the body wash, and two applications of Shea butter, she reported his skin is 10 times better! I can only image how his skin will be after using it on a daily basis!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Keep it Simple with Jordan Essentials

A lot of people start their Holiday Shopping early,  some say to reduce stress,  some to stay within their budget.   But what about those last minute gifts.  You know the ones I mean.   The Secret Santa's,  the paperboy (or girl),  your mail delivery person,  the surprise guest at your holiday gatherings,  or even a little something to take with you as a Hostess Thank You gift for those big dinners that you didn't have to cook yourself. 

This year I can see it being even more stressful for some because  the time from Thanksgiving (the official start of the Holiday Shopping Season) till Christmas is the Shortest time frame in the past 70 years.

Jordan Essentials is all about reducing stress,  not just in the pampering products that we offer,  but also in making your life easier. 

This Holiday Gift Tag Lotion Bar is the perfect stocking stuffer! Lotion Bar is Oatmeal Milk and Honey fragrance. No need to wrap this up because the label on the packaging is ready for you to personalize.

Other ideas include Teacher Gifts, Bus Driver Gifts, Stocking Stuffers, door prizes at the Holiday networking events. Or drop a few off at the Women's Shelter,  or stick them in your gift baskets.  The list is almost endless.

I  always purchase a few extra of these to have on hand during the Holidays,  just for the unexpected,  they are only $8.50 plus tax and shipping each,  and last the average person 3 to 4 months.  Best yet,  they'll think of you every time the use it!

Oh  by the way,  the GUYS just love the lotion bars,  more coming on this subject later this week.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Jordan Essentials and Quilting

Tuesday Tip:
         Jordan Essentials and Quilting

Yes,  Jordan Essentials and Quilting can work hand in hand.  I've had several customers that have purchased our  "UNSCENTED LOTION BAR" to hold their quilting needles,  as the beeswax helps the needle go through difficult material easier.

Customer's also like the fact that they can use the "LOTION BAR" on their hands and not leave greasy marks on their project.

Here's another tip from one  a Satisfied Jordan Essentials Customer

Carolyn M  I use my lotion bar after quilting to soften my finger tips. It works great to heal and soften my fingers and hands.

  • Our signature product that started it all!
  • Beeswax Base is a naturally occurring product containing emollient properties.
  • Contains Pure Coconut Oil (free of chemicals) to give a creamy texture.The Apricot Oil in our bar is rich in essential fatty acids.
  • Approved to fly on any airline.
  • Never freezes.

    Monday, October 21, 2013

    Time saver and healty too!

    Foam soap is a type of liquid soap that has been whipped with air to create soap bubbles. The benefits are that using a Foam Soap encourages proper hand washing because it is easier to lather. You waste less and have less water waste because the user does not have to wait for the liquid to mix with the running water in order to properly wash and it typically takes LESS water to rinse the soap off.

  • Offers luscious foam at your fingertips and helps save money by allowing consumers to use less shower gel while bathing or washing hands.
  • Also available in Mini size.

  • Another great advantage,  it's a slower pump which prevents the the little ones and those in your family who believe that if a little is good,  more is better from over pumping!    The foamers can even be locked into a closed position.

    *note the mini size comes prefilled, and great for in your purse or diaper bag
    *foamer shown comes empty


    Sunday, October 20, 2013

    Fundraising, can there be something different?

    I over the years I've seen a lot of fundraising programs.   As an active member of organizations and groups I know that fundraising is always a concern.  Any one with children in School know all about the "fundraising time"  for school and sports activities.  Then you have everything else that comes along.  Class Trips,  Dance Competitions,  Scouting, Mission Trips,  Medical Cause, Youth Activities. . . the list just goes on and on.

    Many fundraisers out there  will only work with a group if it's a  Non-Profit organization.  While others will only allow certain types of organization,  the Jordan Essentials program covers a wide range of options.

    Still other fundraisers are done to death,  how many come by your home selling candy bars, or wrapping paper,  cookie dough,  you do you duty and you purchase to support the group. 

    Still other fundraisers require a cash investment casino nights, dances, shred days,  seminars,  raffles . .  all take money and hard work to make money for your organization

    Why not consider selling a product Made in the USA,  that is used by and safe for the entire family.   Please email me today to request more information about the Jordan Essentials Fundraising Program

    Saturday, October 19, 2013

    26 Seconds is ALL it takes!

    Have you thought of what is going on Your Skin???   You look at the ingredients on the food you buy, why not the products you put on your skin!

    I never used to look at labels,  then I began my weight loss journey and realized the other day that my husband is now looking at the ingredients in the snack foods he picks up.  

    Since I've been with Jordan Essentials,  I have become more aware of what is going ON MY SKIN,  as well.  When I stop and think about all the things that I've put on my skin over the years,  it gives me the shivers.

    Today,  I don't purchase anything for my family that contains  DEA,  Parabens, Isopropyl Alcohol,  Aluminum, Petroleum or Mineral Oil,  to name just a few.

    Friday, October 18, 2013

    Fact Friday: Peppermint Trivia

     Fact Friday:

             Peppermint Trivia

    Did you know that the genus name for peppermint comes from a Greek myth? The story tells that the nymph, Mentha, who was pursued by Pluto, was crushed to dust by his wife Persephone. Pluto changed her back into a sweet smelling peppermint plant!

    Thursday, October 17, 2013

    Thursday Testimony: Jordan Essentials Mascara

    Thursday Testimony: 
             Jordan Essentials Mascara

    I'm one of the lucky ones,  God Blessed me with long lashes and when I wore contacts I could wear just about anything on my eyes.  But then I had a situation develop that it was necessary to take me out of contact lenses and go back to glasses.   There are few  things that bother me more then having "stuff" on my glasses in front of my eyes.  Well everything I tried would end up getting onto my glasses,  so I just quit wearing mascara.  Then Jordan Essentials launched a "Beeswax" based mascara.  I was in LOVE.  I can now wear mascara again!

  • Safe for Contact Lens Wearers.
  • Enriched with Lash Fortifier.
  • Intense volume and pigment make this mascara a must.
  • Lash building formula will not flake or smudge.

  • I'm not the only one happy with our mascara,  here are just a few customer comments:

    Theresa:   Relief!
    I'm a contact wearer and, with other mascaras, by the end of the day my eyes were always extremely itchy. I always blamed the contacts! Since wearing this mascara, my eyes are never itchy!!!

    Tricia:  I LOVE JE mascara!
    I LOVE LOVE the mascara from Jordan Essentials! I've always had trouble with mascara drying my eyes out, clumping on my lashes and very hard to wash off. With the JE mascara I don't even know I have mascara on!

    Naomi:  Can't wear anything else!
    I went years not being able to wear mascara because it would flake off.  Jordan Essentials is the only one that I can wear.  So happy that they came out with Brown too!

    Wednesday, October 16, 2013

    Need some skin Care relief?

    Need some skin care relief?
    Try the Dead Sea Salts. They are the first thing we, with Jordan Essentials,  recommend for people with stress, muscle soreness, skin care issues, and even psoriasis.

     The National Psoriasis Foundation recommends Dead Sea and Dead Sea ...salts as effective treatments for psoriasis.  One study concluded that the high concentration of magnesium in Dead Sea salt was instrumental in improving skin hydration and reducing inflammation.

     Allergies – The high concentration of bromide and magnesium in the Dead Sea salt can relieve allergic reactions by cleansing and detoxifying.

     Skin aging – Further research into Dead Sea salt benefits has shown a 40% reduction in the depth of wrinkling.

    Tuesday, October 15, 2013

    Tuesday Tip: Lavender fights Brain Drain

                                  Tuesday Tip:
              Lavender fights Brain Drain

    Nancy Bogart  (Jordan Essentials CEO):  I was just reading this while I was debating to take a nap or not!

    Lavender fights brain drain.

    After a long day at your computer and work are you feeling drained? It might not all be in your head! Some experts believe the electromagnetic field can actually drain you of your energy. The cure? Lavender oil! Dab a small amount of (Jordan Essentials) Lavender Pure Essential Oil mixed with your favorite mixing oil on your wrists and temples after a long day at the computer. In addition to promoting calm, some herbalist believe it can help shield against various toxins, win-win Bonus: Add JE Lavender Oil to your daily routine in the Hand and Body Lotion.

    Monday, October 14, 2013

    Manual or Cardio?

    I enjoy reading,  and I enjoy variety in my reading.  Now that I'm working on getting healthier both inside and out I'm reading more on "Exercise" and "Health and Wellness".  One of the issues that I see over and over again is the argument between  "Cardio Workout"  and "Fat Burner Workout".   I never see anything comparing "Manual Workout"  vs   "Cardio Workout" or "Fat Burner Workout".

    As an overweight,  50 something,  I had found that  30 to 40 minutes on the "Manual Setting" was just fine for me,  I worked up a sweat,  and felt the workout afterwards.   Well yesterday I decided to be brave and run my own comparison  "Manual Workout" vs  "Cardio Workout".   I'm here to tell you that the 30 minute  "Cardio Workout" kicked my behind.  I was listening to my workout music,  thinking that I must be insane,  why on earth did I do this to myself.  Manual is just fine.   Got off the treadmill and said last time I'm doing that.

    Then yesterday evening I had to soak in  Jordan Essentials  dead sea salts,  I picked the Peppermint,  and added a few drops of orange essential oil to.   My aching bones felt so much better after a good soak.

    However this morning as I'm typing this,  I'm saying,  manual IS just fine if I want to maintain,  however if I want to loose weight and inches,  I need to go the "Cardio Workout".   Maybe in the future I'll try the "Fat Burner" vs the "Cardio".   I'll just make sure that I have a supply of my dead sea salts. 


    Sunday, October 13, 2013

    How to have Happier Feet!

              Skin Care Tip: How to have happier FEET!
    Yes,  I know that Tuesday is usually our TIP Day,  but I just could not wait to share.  You see I've been working hard to increase my steps to at least 10,000 a day, and I've made it the past couple of days so TODAY I'm planning on making my feet happier.
    Simple Steps you can follow:
     To stretch your feet, freeze a bottle of water and roll it under your arches.

    Cold feet? Natural heat: Massage feet with peppermint lotion and put on thin socks. Sprinkle 1 tsp of cayenne pepper inside a thicker sock and place on feet with thin sock. Try this old wives tale out!...

    Fungal infections or foot odor? Try natural tea tree oil. Simply mix 2-3 drops in a carrier oil like Jordan Essentials multipurpose oil and apply with a cotton ball all over feet. Do not stop treatment too soon, check feet until everything is 100% clear!

    Homemade foot deodorant: Mix 40 drops JE Lavender Oil in 4 ounces of multipurpose JE Unscented Hand and Body Lotion and apply twice daily. Lavender has great antibacterial properties. Boost it with 10 drops Tea Tree Oil.

    Soak your tootsies: No need to take a full bath if you do not have have the time. A cheap dish tub for about $1 can be easily stored under the sink. Add 1/8 c Peppermint Dead Sea Salts to warm water and soak. Be sure to dry feet thoroughly and finish with a Lotion Bar to protect feet from moisture.

    Another super quick tip we have already mentioned, on a previous blog post,  is to stop up your shower drain with a wash cloth and add 1 Tbs Peppermint Dead Sea Salts to the shower floor. Your body will absorb the minerals and magnesium through your feet and the Peppermint is good for sinuses and puts a pep in your step.

    Take care of your feet. As my Mom always said God gave us one pair to take us through our lives, appreciate them.

    Saturday, October 12, 2013

    No Calorie Energy Boost!

    Usually when we need a boost of energy we head right for the "chocolates" and other "sweets".  Chocolate works for me,  but not my metabolism.   Tried the Energy Drinks,  but trust me after a week like this past week at work,  it's not a pretty sight. 
    Personally I loved the idea of the 5 minute cat nap,  and have experienced a rash of that  when I get home from work.  You see,  I love my Jordan Essentials Business,  but I also run a Family business that has been on fire lately and we're training 2 new people in the office so  I definitely need to re-energize.
    Back in July I took a few days and attending the Jordan Essentials Conference,  I was excited because I knew that we were introducing our Essential Oils  and that Dr. Faith Nelson would be one of our major presenters on the Essential Oils  and I had heard wonderful things about her before.   I went into her presentation expecting to learn about our new product line.  But I learned so very much more.  I actually learned about Women's health Issues,  so of which were the same issues that I was dealing with.   
    First I was so excited that Dr. Faith  took the time from her already overloaded schedule to spend time with us to share her knowledge of the essential oils,  but also that she shared some great reflexology points with us.    Thing like for those coughs,  mix Lavender and Eucalyptus and rub on the bottom of your feet.    There are so many more that I'll be sharing on this blog in the future,  but not today.   Today's about ENERGY and your EARS.   Yes your ears.  I was going to type out the step by step instructions,  then the below graphic was shared with me and it says it all.

    Friday, October 11, 2013

    Fact Friday: Benefits of Lavender discovered almost by accident!

    Fact Friday:
               Benefits of Lavender discovered . .

    Did you know that the benefits of Lavender (and aromatherapy) were re-discovered almost accidentally? Yes, a French scientist, René Gattefossé, was severely burned in a laboratory accident and immersed his hand in a vat of Lavender.

    Gattefossé found that Lavender oil promoted tissue regeneration quickly and healed the wound with no scarring!

    ** Jordan Essentials Essential Oils are High Grade Therapeutic Oils

    Thursday, October 10, 2013

    Thursday Testimony: Momma Knows Best!

    Thursday Testimony:
               Momma Knows Best

    Kathy Miranda:  Praise report on the Jordan Essentials Detoxifying clay mask. Actually two! 1. Son broke out from costume makeup. Did the mask today and voila! cleared up. 2.Hubby has a horrible infection on and around earlobe. Doc prescribed a antibiotic ointment, but that is not relieving the sting. I applied the mask and within 10 minutes he reported it is helping the itch and the sting is gone. I said " Momma knows best!"

    I too had a personal experience with our  Detoxifying clay mask a couple of weeks ago,  I had one of those rough days at work that was just draining.   So instead on relying on my new habits of using my essential oils.  I fell back into one,  "just one" of my old habits.  I lost all will power and turned to "CHOCOLATE".   It was so good,  but you know what they say about paybacks.   Yep,  you guessed it.   A red zit,  came up in just a few hours out of no where.   Put the Detoxifying clay mast on it for an hour  then another dab before going to bed.  Was extremely pleased when I got up in the morning to see that it was all but gone.

    Here's another testimony:

    Kadi Barrett:  This  Stuff is the BOMB!
    This helps purify or clean out my pores better than any acne treatment products I have tried. It truly evens out my skin. I use it overnight to help pull impurities from my skin or as a face mask for a weekly deep clean or spot treatment very lightly under my make-up for one of those bad breakouts! This is one of the products that I can't live without!

    Wednesday, October 9, 2013

    Some me time!

    What a day yesterday was,  I started the day coming into work early to get a head start on the work piled up on my desk. . . have no clue what gave me that idea.    It's been like this for 3 months.  A good problem to have in business.    So last week I thought I needed some serious time with my hairdresser.    Tried for this past Saturday,  had to cancel the appointment.   But I rescheduled my appointment and put is on my calendar as a meeting,  so my secretary picked up on it, and would get me out the door in time to make the appointment.

    To me there are very few things that I find more relaxing that the massage she gives my head during the shampoo time.   But this time it was different . . .what was that smell?   Yummy!   Then it hit me it was ORANGE!    

    Seems Emma has been reading my blog, and then went to doing some research on her own,  and decided that for clients like me who are always running 250 miles per hour (her words, not mine) she keeps an  "EXTRA SPECIAL" bottle of shampoo.    One that she's added "ORANGE ESSENTIAL OILS" to.

    To me the Orange Essential oil has a warm, fresh citrus scent, radiant, fruity and tangy, it just seemed to tingle my senses.  Orange Essential Oil naturally cleanses and relaxes your body.  The uplifting and inspiring scent of Orange Essential Oil is nature's remedy for the blues.  This unique oil has a rare beneficial antioxidant which is not found in the rest of the citrus family.  Consider blending Orange with Lavender Essential oil for perfect soothing combination.

    I'm definitely going add a little bit of Orange Essential Oil to my daily routine.

    Tuesday, October 8, 2013

    Do you know what the best part is?

    That is the question that was asked.  Well almost,  it really was  "Other then the products what do you love about representing Jordan Essentials?"

    Simple answer for me,  it's the People.    

    When I attend networking events, set up vendor tables,  do one on ones or parties I get to talk with so many WONDERFUL people.   I hear their stories and realize that there are so many wonderful and gifted people out there.  People that are not afraid to share and  people that "  Dare to Dream".   I learn about them,  their families,  work,  and even health issues that they are experiencing.   What a privilege it is to offer possible solutions for their  skin and health concerns that they have for their family and themselves.  For other's it's the dream for financial security that our opportunity might provide.  

    In the process  of helping them I'm also learning more about our products and various applications,  and how I can help others to help themselves. 

    I truly am blessed and excited when I think back on all the people I've been able to connect with in the past 11 years.


    Tuesday Tip: Eye Make-up made easy!

     Tuesday Tip: 
               Get the Look

    When we first came out with the mineral make-up,  my first thoughts were "Oh Fun" how am I going to learn.  When I needed to have that perfect look for pictures or events,  my good friend Louise would always take care of making sure my eye make up was perfect.

    So where to begin to learn,  especially with all the new styles and tricks that my niece Hannah does,  but teenage makeup and 50 something makeup just can't be the same.    I know that it's a concern for  many parents out there. 

    Then the perfect solution for me and for others like me that want the perfect look without knowing how to do it.  (and it's perfect for working with your daughters getting started the right way with makeup)   The Get the Look Sets -- they come with 3 different shades of eye shadows that look great together.  But even better you flip the card over and it provides step by step directions on how to get the look!  How easy is that.

    The Jordan Essential Eye Shadows are 100% minereal makeup and our Get the Look comes in 4 different sets.   The of course we for those of you who don't need help and assistance all mineral eye shadows are available seperately in a variety of colors.

    Get the Look Sets:
              Warm Neutral
              Day Time Bliss
              Romantic Evening
              Smokey Eye

    Monday, October 7, 2013

    Monday Musings: I can't believe I did that!

    Monday Musings:

              I can not believe I did that . . .  I have my high school class reunion coming up next year,  and my husband asked me if I knew the week yet so that we can get it on the calendar.  But it got me thinking,  thinking about how so many things in my life are different now.

    One thing that jumps out at me tonight,  Is I can not believe that when I was 17, 20 and 30 and everything in between I was addicted to mineral oil.    Since I was fair skinned and burned easily I never put the "Baby oil" on my skin to help me tan,  because the  time that I did I turned into a lobster with blisters.   But I did use it in the shower,  applying to my skin.  I was always fighting dry skin.  I could not understand how my face could be so oily while the rest of my skin was so dry.

    Little did I know that the "mineral oil" was not moisturizing my skin.   Then once I joined Jordan Essentials I really started doing my homework, and quickly realized that the "mineral oil" was not my friend.

    For some reason it never dawned on me that "mineral oil" was a by product of petroleum oil.  When I realized that it was the end of "Baby Oil in the shower".  Which made my hubby very happy, as he was certain that one of us was going to break our neck in the shower slipping in the tub for the "mineral oil".  My worry was the condition of my skin.
    Mineral Oil - Harmful ingredients derived from petroleum that coat the skin with an unhealthy seal that prevents the skin from breathing.  it can have negative effects on hormones and the skins ability to breathe, attract moisture and detoxify.  It can also slow down cell renewal and be the second (after the sun) most likely cause of premature aging.  In fact sunscreens produced from mineral oil may promote skin cancer as well as colon and breast cancer.
    Knowledge is truly a powerful thing,  when I changed my skin care regime, dropping Mineral Oil from all my products,  it's truly amazing the change in my skin.   One that I'm sure will be noticed by all when I attend my Class Reunion next year.

    Friday, October 4, 2013

    Fact Friday: Tea Tree Oil - is it Snake Oil?

    Fact Friday:
               Tea Tree Oil - is it Snake Oil?

    Did you know that the term Snake oil because Tea Tree could detoxify the site of a snake bite? Yes the Australian aborigines were surrounded with over 100 species of the most venomous snakes in the world.
    You can see then, how when the United States was settled, Snake Oil became in popular demand. Unfortunately, many of the salesmen were selling Tea Tree that did not work? And they were named Snake Oil Salesmen!
    Sorry to say, but there is still a great deal of this going on today! Please know your source and genus species of the oil you want to purchase!
    **  Jordan Essentials Tea Tree Oil is High Therapeutic Grade  for more information about our TEA TREE Essential Oils  please email me at

    Thursday, October 3, 2013

    Thursday Testimony: More than one Use

    Thursday Testimony

    Usually in the morning I put my lotion on I sometimes use my favorite  scent "Sweet Cucumber Melon"  but now that my favorite fall scent is here "Cranberry Amber Spice"  I switch off between the two.  

    If you're in Texas you know that Houston has been catching up on our rain fall,  and with that comes the mosquito's.  Mosquito's that seem to sense the moment I walk out of the office and into the warehouse at work.    They must have mosquito ESP.    I hate your standard "bug repellents",  if I can get past the smell I absolutely hate putting all those chemicals on my skin.

    So this morning I opted for the "Lemongrass Lotion".   I've been using the "Lemongrass Spritzer"  when hubby and I are doing outside activities and it's worked great. . . but was out in the car . . . so I grabbed by Lemongrass Lotion and applied it this morning and now I'm ready to do battle with these little  evil mosquito's.   I first tried it after I found out from the Jordan Essentials home office in one of our trainings that Lemongrass is a "NATURAL" bug repellent.

    On a side note, as I'm typing this my  hubby  came into my office with the "Lemongrass Spritzer"  (from the car) and wanted to be spritzed down as "those blood suckers are terrible this morning".

    Hmmm I just might need to add "Lemongrass" to my favorite scents!   What can be better than moisturizing and protecting yourself from those little flying critters

    Lemongrass Lotion
    Lemon Grass Spritzer
    Sweet Cucumber Melon
    Cranberry Amber Spice