Friday, October 11, 2013

Fact Friday: Benefits of Lavender discovered almost by accident!

Fact Friday:
           Benefits of Lavender discovered . .

Did you know that the benefits of Lavender (and aromatherapy) were re-discovered almost accidentally? Yes, a French scientist, René Gattefossé, was severely burned in a laboratory accident and immersed his hand in a vat of Lavender.

Gattefossé found that Lavender oil promoted tissue regeneration quickly and healed the wound with no scarring!

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NOURISH said...

It goes without saying the amazing benefits of lavender. I absolutely love it. BUt my two new favourite uses: lavender dark chocolates AND a moth deterrent for my cupboards :)

Cathy said...

Over the past few months I've really gotten into using more of the essential oils and love what I'm learning about them. Nevery thought of using as a moth deterrent for my cupboards. I use the peppermint for a spider deterrent.