Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fundraising, can there be something different?

I over the years I've seen a lot of fundraising programs.   As an active member of organizations and groups I know that fundraising is always a concern.  Any one with children in School know all about the "fundraising time"  for school and sports activities.  Then you have everything else that comes along.  Class Trips,  Dance Competitions,  Scouting, Mission Trips,  Medical Cause, Youth Activities. . . the list just goes on and on.

Many fundraisers out there  will only work with a group if it's a  Non-Profit organization.  While others will only allow certain types of organization,  the Jordan Essentials program covers a wide range of options.

Still other fundraisers are done to death,  how many come by your home selling candy bars, or wrapping paper,  cookie dough,  you do you duty and you purchase to support the group. 

Still other fundraisers require a cash investment casino nights, dances, shred days,  seminars,  raffles . .  all take money and hard work to make money for your organization

Why not consider selling a product Made in the USA,  that is used by and safe for the entire family.   Please email me today to request more information about the Jordan Essentials Fundraising Program


Morgan Eckstein said...

I will pass this post onto the church's board.

Katherine Bartlett said...

Great fundraiser idea. I love kickstarter personally.

Caro Ness said...

In the Uk so no good for me but what does this company sell, out of interest?

Cathy said...

Morgan, Thank you very much for taking the time to share with your church board. Just let me know if you would like more information forwarded.

Cathy said...

Caro, Jordan Essentials sells bath and body products, mineral makeup and essential oils. We're not international YET! But I do have customers who contact me, with their orders and I will personally ship over to them. Personally I can't wait till we're ready to take that first step into the international market.