Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Some me time!

What a day yesterday was,  I started the day coming into work early to get a head start on the work piled up on my desk. . . have no clue what gave me that idea.    It's been like this for 3 months.  A good problem to have in business.    So last week I thought I needed some serious time with my hairdresser.    Tried for this past Saturday,  had to cancel the appointment.   But I rescheduled my appointment and put is on my calendar as a meeting,  so my secretary picked up on it, and would get me out the door in time to make the appointment.

To me there are very few things that I find more relaxing that the massage she gives my head during the shampoo time.   But this time it was different . . .what was that smell?   Yummy!   Then it hit me it was ORANGE!    

Seems Emma has been reading my blog, and then went to doing some research on her own,  and decided that for clients like me who are always running 250 miles per hour (her words, not mine) she keeps an  "EXTRA SPECIAL" bottle of shampoo.    One that she's added "ORANGE ESSENTIAL OILS" to.

To me the Orange Essential oil has a warm, fresh citrus scent, radiant, fruity and tangy, it just seemed to tingle my senses.  Orange Essential Oil naturally cleanses and relaxes your body.  The uplifting and inspiring scent of Orange Essential Oil is nature's remedy for the blues.  This unique oil has a rare beneficial antioxidant which is not found in the rest of the citrus family.  Consider blending Orange with Lavender Essential oil for perfect soothing combination.

I'm definitely going add a little bit of Orange Essential Oil to my daily routine.


Fit Armadillo said...

What a great hairdresser! I've never thought of adding essential oils to my shampoo, but now I might have to. Thanks for sharing :)

Cathy said...

Added the Orange to my Shampoo this morning when I washed my hair. I've done Tea Tree oil before when my allergies were bad, but the thought never crossed my mind for the shampoo :) I'm going to have to check out some of the benefits of some of the other Essential Oils that we carry and see what else . . .ummm maybe Peppermint and Orange together :)

taryn lysa said...

I never heard of adding essential oils to shampoos... sounds like a good idea though!