Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Testimonial: Jordan Essentials and Eczema

If you've been reading my blog posts,  you know that I love hearing how the Jordan Essentials products have helped someone,  as my reason for joining is because the products have helped me.  Here is another of our wonderful success stories.

Many time, it's a combination of our products that help with a problem.  Like the one below,  it was a combination of our Shea Butter and Dead Sea Salts.

Elizabeth Pope:   Success Story: I have a friend that has two children with eczema. They are 9 and 15, and have tried everything possible to tame it. Klayton's is so bad that every scented lotion he's tried burns so bad he is driven to tears. We came home for a visit, so I didn't have much to leave with them. I left enough for them to last until either I could get her more or she could make an order. After one bath soak in the sea salts, bathing using the body wash, and two applications of Shea butter, she reported his skin is 10 times better! I can only image how his skin will be after using it on a daily basis!


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Jason Power said...

Hi Catherine,

Interesting Article, It is good to see people endorsing quality products that they use and believe in.