Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Testimony: Jordan Essentials Mascara

Thursday Testimony: 
         Jordan Essentials Mascara

I'm one of the lucky ones,  God Blessed me with long lashes and when I wore contacts I could wear just about anything on my eyes.  But then I had a situation develop that it was necessary to take me out of contact lenses and go back to glasses.   There are few  things that bother me more then having "stuff" on my glasses in front of my eyes.  Well everything I tried would end up getting onto my glasses,  so I just quit wearing mascara.  Then Jordan Essentials launched a "Beeswax" based mascara.  I was in LOVE.  I can now wear mascara again!

  • Safe for Contact Lens Wearers.
  • Enriched with Lash Fortifier.
  • Intense volume and pigment make this mascara a must.
  • Lash building formula will not flake or smudge.

  • I'm not the only one happy with our mascara,  here are just a few customer comments:

    Theresa:   Relief!
    I'm a contact wearer and, with other mascaras, by the end of the day my eyes were always extremely itchy. I always blamed the contacts! Since wearing this mascara, my eyes are never itchy!!!

    Tricia:  I LOVE JE mascara!
    I LOVE LOVE the mascara from Jordan Essentials! I've always had trouble with mascara drying my eyes out, clumping on my lashes and very hard to wash off. With the JE mascara I don't even know I have mascara on!

    Naomi:  Can't wear anything else!
    I went years not being able to wear mascara because it would flake off.  Jordan Essentials is the only one that I can wear.  So happy that they came out with Brown too!


    Anonymous said...

    Looks good. I'll have to try it. Thanks.

    DinoMama said...

    I LOVE mascara but I wear glasses *bummer* Tried contact and my eyes protested to the 7th heaven and back.