Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday Testimony: Momma Knows Best!

Thursday Testimony:
           Momma Knows Best

Kathy Miranda:  Praise report on the Jordan Essentials Detoxifying clay mask. Actually two! 1. Son broke out from costume makeup. Did the mask today and voila! cleared up. 2.Hubby has a horrible infection on and around earlobe. Doc prescribed a antibiotic ointment, but that is not relieving the sting. I applied the mask and within 10 minutes he reported it is helping the itch and the sting is gone. I said " Momma knows best!"

I too had a personal experience with our  Detoxifying clay mask a couple of weeks ago,  I had one of those rough days at work that was just draining.   So instead on relying on my new habits of using my essential oils.  I fell back into one,  "just one" of my old habits.  I lost all will power and turned to "CHOCOLATE".   It was so good,  but you know what they say about paybacks.   Yep,  you guessed it.   A red zit,  came up in just a few hours out of no where.   Put the Detoxifying clay mast on it for an hour  then another dab before going to bed.  Was extremely pleased when I got up in the morning to see that it was all but gone.

Here's another testimony:

Kadi Barrett:  This  Stuff is the BOMB!
This helps purify or clean out my pores better than any acne treatment products I have tried. It truly evens out my skin. I use it overnight to help pull impurities from my skin or as a face mask for a weekly deep clean or spot treatment very lightly under my make-up for one of those bad breakouts! This is one of the products that I can't live without!

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