Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday Testimony: More than one Use

Thursday Testimony

Usually in the morning I put my lotion on I sometimes use my favorite  scent "Sweet Cucumber Melon"  but now that my favorite fall scent is here "Cranberry Amber Spice"  I switch off between the two.  

If you're in Texas you know that Houston has been catching up on our rain fall,  and with that comes the mosquito's.  Mosquito's that seem to sense the moment I walk out of the office and into the warehouse at work.    They must have mosquito ESP.    I hate your standard "bug repellents",  if I can get past the smell I absolutely hate putting all those chemicals on my skin.

So this morning I opted for the "Lemongrass Lotion".   I've been using the "Lemongrass Spritzer"  when hubby and I are doing outside activities and it's worked great. . . but was out in the car . . . so I grabbed by Lemongrass Lotion and applied it this morning and now I'm ready to do battle with these little  evil mosquito's.   I first tried it after I found out from the Jordan Essentials home office in one of our trainings that Lemongrass is a "NATURAL" bug repellent.

On a side note, as I'm typing this my  hubby  came into my office with the "Lemongrass Spritzer"  (from the car) and wanted to be spritzed down as "those blood suckers are terrible this morning".

Hmmm I just might need to add "Lemongrass" to my favorite scents!   What can be better than moisturizing and protecting yourself from those little flying critters

Lemongrass Lotion
Lemon Grass Spritzer
Sweet Cucumber Melon
Cranberry Amber Spice

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