Monday, October 21, 2013

Time saver and healty too!

Foam soap is a type of liquid soap that has been whipped with air to create soap bubbles. The benefits are that using a Foam Soap encourages proper hand washing because it is easier to lather. You waste less and have less water waste because the user does not have to wait for the liquid to mix with the running water in order to properly wash and it typically takes LESS water to rinse the soap off.

  • Offers luscious foam at your fingertips and helps save money by allowing consumers to use less shower gel while bathing or washing hands.
  • Also available in Mini size.

  • Another great advantage,  it's a slower pump which prevents the the little ones and those in your family who believe that if a little is good,  more is better from over pumping!    The foamers can even be locked into a closed position.

    *note the mini size comes prefilled, and great for in your purse or diaper bag
    *foamer shown comes empty



    Renee said...

    Interesting info about foaming soap! Good to know..

    Ginger London said...

    Looks interesting. I like soaps and all kinds of girly stuff! lol

    Cathy said...

    I use our Jordan Essentials Shower Gel, I fill the foamer up about 1/3 of the way with the JE Shower Gel, and the rest with warm water and shake.

    Makes the Shower gel last longer too! Have them by all my sinks, and in the shower too.