Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Eye Make-up made easy!

 Tuesday Tip: 
           Get the Look

When we first came out with the mineral make-up,  my first thoughts were "Oh Fun" how am I going to learn.  When I needed to have that perfect look for pictures or events,  my good friend Louise would always take care of making sure my eye make up was perfect.

So where to begin to learn,  especially with all the new styles and tricks that my niece Hannah does,  but teenage makeup and 50 something makeup just can't be the same.    I know that it's a concern for  many parents out there. 

Then the perfect solution for me and for others like me that want the perfect look without knowing how to do it.  (and it's perfect for working with your daughters getting started the right way with makeup)   The Get the Look Sets -- they come with 3 different shades of eye shadows that look great together.  But even better you flip the card over and it provides step by step directions on how to get the look!  How easy is that.

The Jordan Essential Eye Shadows are 100% minereal makeup and our Get the Look comes in 4 different sets.   The of course we for those of you who don't need help and assistance all mineral eye shadows are available seperately in a variety of colors.

Get the Look Sets:
          Warm Neutral
          Day Time Bliss
          Romantic Evening
          Smokey Eye

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