Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Lavender fights Brain Drain

                              Tuesday Tip:
          Lavender fights Brain Drain

Nancy Bogart  (Jordan Essentials CEO):  I was just reading this while I was debating to take a nap or not!

Lavender fights brain drain.

After a long day at your computer and work are you feeling drained? It might not all be in your head! Some experts believe the electromagnetic field can actually drain you of your energy. The cure? Lavender oil! Dab a small amount of (Jordan Essentials) Lavender Pure Essential Oil mixed with your favorite mixing oil on your wrists and temples after a long day at the computer. In addition to promoting calm, some herbalist believe it can help shield against various toxins, win-win Bonus: Add JE Lavender Oil to your daily routine in the Hand and Body Lotion.


Katherine Hetzel said...

I've used lavender frequently - but be careful with it; too much and it gets you completely wired up and over-stimulated!

Kinesic Sense said...

I'm just getting interested in essential oils. So glad I found your blog!

Cathy said...

Kinesic Sense: you'll have to check out some of my other blog posts on the Essential Oils. . I too am learning more and more about them and using them in my daily life, since we launched our first 5 Essential Oils. They've been wonderful about training us. Can wait to see which additional essential oils are coming in the spring.