Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jordan Essentials perfect for that after exercise ache, check out this special

Like many I'm back at work this morning, after a WONDERFUL Christmas with family.   Feeling great until I went to get dressed this morning and realized that my slacks were feeling a little tigher.  Like most everyone I will have that New Years Resolution to get back into shape.   Or at the very least get that scale moving in a downward direction.

So my first step when I get home from work,  before heating up Christmas left overs,  is time on the treadmill,  but since I've not been diligent about the treadmill of late,  I know that I'm going to be feeling it.  

Then the very next "FOR ME"  thing that I'm going to do is,  is to turn the heat up in the bathroom,  start running a bath adding my  "DEAD SEA SALTS" for a Good Soak.   Just LOVE the Peppermint Dead Sea Salt for help in easing my aches and pains.

I will also be getting online to take advantage of the Jordan Essentials After Christmas Holiday Sale.   Nancy our founder knows us all so well,  and puts our Dead Sea Salts on Sale knowing how important and meaningful our New Years Resolutions are that we all get  into shape,  and the little bit of help that we are all going to need to get through that Day After stiffness.

Not familiar with Dead Sea Salts,  check it out below!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Quick and Easy Energy Boost

If you're like me,  you're rushing around to get those last minute "HOLIDAY DETAILS" done,  the last minute baking,  meal preperation, gift wrapping,  cleaning up the list just seems to go one and on.

For a quick energy boost before your holiday guests arrive,  combine a few drops of Orange Essential Oil with  our Multi-Purpose Oil or Unscented Lotion and apply to hands and arms. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Help for Winter Skin

When the cold air moves in and combines with low humidity, we naturally turn up the heat indoors...but all those conditions begin to strip the moisture from the air and our skin gets uncomfortably dry and tight and ichy. The solution? Jordan Essentials Skin Relief to heal and moisturize our skin from head to toe!

The powerful combination of shea butter, aloe vera, green tea, seaweed & chamomile provides incredible benefits for your winter skin!! (Jordan Essentials does not claim to cure any illness)

  • Rich Shea Butter helps enhance cell regeneration and capillary circulation, which assists in the healing of small wounds, cracks, and crevices in the skin.
  • Contains soothing Aloe Vera , Cocoa Butter , Allantoin - a natural, active ingredient derived from roots & leaves of the comfrey plant, Vitamin E , Jojoba Oil, Chamomile, Green Tea, and Seaweed.
  • Sunday, December 22, 2013

    All I want for Christmas is a Jordan Essentials Business Opportunity!!

     If you are thinking about a New Years Resolution of living HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND WISE...... I have a solution for your resolution!! Contact me today and I have an additional special for you if you sign up today before midnight December 23rd!!!!
    Be a discount buyer, earn part time or a career income and work from home! 

    Are you a Military Spouse, Retired Military or Active Military?
    If so then be sure to take advantage of our VERY SPECIAL FREE SIGNUP,  as our way of saying THANK YOU for the Sacrifices that you and your family have made to keep our country FREE.

    Hurry Military Offer expires 12/31/13


    Saturday, December 21, 2013

    #9 Reason to Love your Lotion Bar!

    Take care of your hands with the Oatmeal Milk & Honey Lotion Bar! The natural oils and beeswax will keep your hands soft and seal in the moisture...pamper yourself this holiday, you deserve it!!

    The most unique lotion you will ever use! Made with beeswax and natural oils, your hands & feet will be soft and beautiful! Place bar of lotion in hands, rub and go! Invented by our Founder! Comes in a charming decorative travel tin.

    I personally love that I can fly with the Lotion Bar in my purse.
    Oatmeal Milk and Honey is our best Selling Scent

    Available in both Signature Scents and Essential Oil Blends

    ** For those of you in the Houston Area needing last minute gifts,  I maintain a stock in various scents.   Also GREAT to keep on hand for those unexpected guests and gift giving needs throughout the year.

    Friday, December 20, 2013

    Friday Fact: Orange you know that a study in Japan led by Mei University found that using orange oil can reduce the dosage of anti-depressants necessary for those being treated with depression? Yes, the study also indicated that orange uses included bringing back the immune and endocrine function to normal!

    Thursday, December 19, 2013

    Mistletoe Ready Lips!
    You've been tirelessly shopping for the perfect gift for everyone on your list....take a minute to spoil yourself!! Try this Remarkable Red Lip Butter Lipstick for gorgeous, kissable lips....Merry Christmas to you!
      I have several different shade of our Lip Butter in Stock here in Houston, if you need something in time for Christmas just message me!
      My personal favorite is "Copper Cuttie"!
  • Creamy formula.
  • Names of the lipsticks are empowering words.
  • Healthy mineral oil free and paraben free formula.
  • Does contain artificial colors called lakes that are skin safe and edible (contains no lead)

     Not in a hurry order online at  

  • Tuesday, December 17, 2013

    Tuseday Tip: Tension Headaches seem to be more frequent during the Holiday Season.

    Enjoy a healthy holiday season with Peppermint Essential Oil.  Our peppermint Essential Oil has a variety of benefits that will help keep your holiday cheerful. 

    Combine a few drops of Peppermint Essentials Oil and Jordan Essentials Unscented Lotion in your palm.  Rub mixture on your temples, forehead and on the back of your nect to help relieve your headache sysmptoms.

    Saturday, December 14, 2013

    Who could use a little good news, more time or an extra gift this holiday season?

    Who could use a little good news, more time or an extra gift this holiday season?

    1. We have extended our green zone shipping for EVERYONE until December 17th!
    This means you can still place regular and party orders until Dec. 17th and we will ship in time to get your orders by Dec. 24th!

    2. How about a little extra special gift to hang on the tree? The Spa Ornament is a lip butter and lip exfoliant duo for only $5 on orders over $50 (no parties) and it will go through December 24th when the home office closes for Christmas, so walk in orders can get their too!

    Merry Christmas Dear Ones!

    Friday, December 13, 2013

    Fact Friday: Who is the largest producer of Orange Oil?

    ORANGE Essential Oil:

    Did you know that Brazil is the largest producer of orange oil with the United States in second place?

    Also,Chinese first discovered that the rind has the most medicinal value? The white part of the rind contains the highest amount of Vitamin C in the orange! So pare your orange and eat the white part too!


    Thursday, December 12, 2013

    Thursday Testimony: Help for Regular, Bacterial and Cystic Acne . . . had acne groing up,  and I never realized that there different types of Acne.   "Regular" and "Bacterial".  

    Julie:  One of my clients is an RN and she uses the Tea Tree in the toner mist along with the acne system on her two boys. She told me their is two kinds of acne, regular and bacterial and you need the tea tree if it is bacterial.

    Beth Ann:   Cystic acne is a tough nut to crack. It is what I have battled since I was a teenager. I still battle it some, but my skin is better than it has EVER been. I use the oily system with the detox mask and spa polish. I use the acne treatment moisturizer. I do not use the tinted moisturizer because it is too much moisture for me. I too use the tea tree in my toner mist. I have been experimenting with the amount of drops, but I think I currently have 10-12 drops in the bottle.   Cystic acne is difficult because it often does not come to "a head", and it is painful. Water intake and diet and cleansing are all very helpful.  That is a lot of "I"s in this post, but maybe it will help.

    Toner Mist
    Tea Tree Essential Oil

    Tuesday, December 10, 2013

    Tuesday Tip: Relax after a Long Day relax after a long day of holiday shopping or work,  mix a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil with MultiPurpose Oil or Unscented Lotion.  Rub on hands, arms, legs and feet.       For  Extra relaxation,  orange may be added to this mixture.

    Monday, December 9, 2013

    Procrastination . . . forgetfulness . . . yep even me . . .

    Procrastination!   Forgetfulness!   It's in all of us,  some just an itty bit,  others much more.   Some days I can keep the tendency to Procrastinate at bay.  Other days or weeks it's a major battle.   A lot of things play into my procrastination  first like most it's because I don't know where to begin on a project  or I just plain don't want to do it.  Forgetfullness,  I've just got to much going on and something has to be pushed to the bottom of the menal list. (Think I better put a an entire bottle of our Orange Essential Oil on my desk with the diffuser to help)

    Many times, for me at least, it's that I've got so much on my plate,  that I move something down to the bottom of my mental list,  and it's forgotten about.    Sometimes they're the littlest things and so simple to remedy.

    For example  I was laying in bed yesterday morning,  determining the best way to ease out of bed without waking the hubby,  so that I could get some chores done.  I started to wonder why my skin was so dry.   I know we've had the heat running because of the cold and that drys your skin,  but I've been using my lotion regularly . . . .then it hit me . . . that thing that kept getting moved down to the bottom of my list.   It's was simple,  easy to recetify,  however  on most mornings I don't remember it till I'm in the shower and it's two late,  and I make the mental note to do it when I get home, then it's immediately replaced by everything else.

    You see I realized that I had not "exfoliated" in a couple weeks,   so I ran to where I stash my Jordan Essentials Inventory and pulled out a  Salt Scrub.   Went and took my shower,  oh what a difference to get all those dead skin cells washed down the drain.   Not only did my skin appreciate the fact that I finally got my act together,  but I was able to let go an item off that ever growing "to do" list (at least till I empty out this jar of salt scrub).  Have to admit that I sure don't miss all those while flakes inside my slacks when I take the off :)

    Sunday, December 8, 2013

    Stocking Stuffers for Under $10.00

    Yes,  Jordan Essentials has stocking stuffers for under $10.00!   Yes,  you can still order and receive your items in time for stuffing those stockings!

    Orange Essential Oil  $10.00   --  Cleanses and relaxes your body.  The Uplifting and inspiring scent of Orange Essentials Oil is natures remedy for the blues.

    Small Lotions:   Signature Scents  $6.00  Essential Oil Blend Scents $8.00 Enjoy the benefits of shea butter and sunflower oil in a light lotion. Enriched with silk proteins, sunflower oil and aloe, your skin will feel like silk. The perfect everyday lotion with shea butter!

    Lotion Bar:  Signature Scents $8.50  Essential Oil Blend Scents $10.00
    The most unique lotion you will ever use! Made with beeswax and natural oils, your hands and feet will be soft and beautiful.  Also available in  Cranberry Amber Spice for the Holidays and Oatmeal Milk and Honey in either a Holiday Gift Giving Label or  You Are Appreciated Label.   Also available in Moisturizing Monkey Lotion Bar in Banana Scent for the kids  $7.50 and our Baby Lotion Bar in your choice of Powder Fresh or Unscented $7.50  or our On the Go Lotion Bar  perfect for your tweeny.

    Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer:   Signature Scents  $6.00  Essential Oil Blend Scents $8.00  Perfect travel size to help you fight germs everywhere you go! Added Vitamin E for moisture and antioxidants. Boosted with Green Tea and Aloe. Non-drying formula is safe for the whole family.  Also available in Happy Hippo Grape Scented from our Kids line.

    Glycerin Soaps:  $6.00   choice of  Sea  Spa Salt, Oatmeal Milk and Honey, Unscented with Oatmeal.  Gently cleanse your skin the natural way with soothing ingredients.  Comes in convenient travel package.  Dye Free  (buy 5 pack receive a soap sack free.

    Soap is also available in our Kids Toy Surprise Soap,  Grape fragrance glycerin soap with toy surprises  

    Soap Sack:  $4.00  Make your soaps last long,  tuck soap inside.  Machine Washable and a perfect companion to our soap.

    Other Great Items to consider:

            • Cuticle Stick  $5.00
            • Peppermint Pedi Stick  $10.00
            • Bath Scrunchie $4.00
            • Lip Exfoliant  $8.50
            • Shea Cherry Lip Butter  $7.00
            • Pucker up Panda Lip Tube (Kids line) $4.00
            • Lip Tubes:  Unscented, Mint or Cranberry  $4.00 (also available in 5 packs)
            • Citrus Lip Tube  $8.50
            • Clear Jojoba Mint Lip Gloss  $10.00
            • Facial Brush $4.00  (a must have)

    Signature Scents:  Oatmeal Milk and Honey, Naturally Unscented, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Sea Spa, Coconut Papaya, Sweet Cucumber Melon, 

    Essential Oil Blend Scents:  Grapefruit & Lime,  Lavender Mint, Lemongrass Citrus, Happiness

    Saturday, December 7, 2013

    On a One Horse Open Sleigh . . .

    Well maybe not,  in this case, a forklift operated by none other then our Founder and CEO Nancy Bogart,  Michelle from shipping and 2 strong guys (hidden by the forklift).

    Our  Jordan Essentials staff was not going to let a little snow and a stuck forklift get in the way of getting Jordan Essentials products ready for you.   Working hard to get our shipmnet of Dead Sea Salt into the warehouse,  so that we could be sure that EVERYONE has their supply of Dead Sea Salts  in your favorite Signature or Essential Oils Blend Scents in time to get you through the Holidays!

    Friday, December 6, 2013

    Fact Friday: Lavender Oil Increases Beta Waves in the Brain!

    Fact Friday: 

    Did you know that researchers at University of Miami found that inhalation of lavender oil increased beta waves in the brain, suggesting heightened relaxation? The benefits of lavender also included reduced depression and improved cognitive performance.

    We also have lavender essential oil in our Lavender Mint Essential Oils line.  

    Thursday, December 5, 2013

    Thursday Testimonial: WD40 or Jordan Essentials?

    I loved this one so much,  that I just had to share!     I routinely carry our spritzer in my travel bag for freshening up Hotel rooms and such. 

    Carolyn Taylor:    
    My house is very small. My youngest son has moved back in with for awhile to help him out, but he's helped us way more in return. He has custody of his 2 girls every other weekend and when they are there we try our best to let them have as much privacy as possible since they don't have a room of their own and most times it's like they're camping out. We only have 1 bathroom and it's right outside our bedroom door. Anyway, our bedroom door squeaks really loudly and it's getting worse. We have WD40 but it's in the garage and Russ keeps forgetting to bring it in. Last night when we were getting ready for bed and I went to close the door, it was really loud. He said again that he would try to remember to bring in the WD40 and fix it. All of a sudden he gets this gleam in his eye and he comes flying out of the bed and grabs something off his night stand. He yanks open the door and again the loud squeak, he starts to spray something and works the door back and forth a couple of times. No noise, it's a miracle! "What did you use", I asked and he replied, "I don't know whatever that spray is on my nightstand." He looked at the bottle and he smiles again with that same gleam. "It's your Happiness Spray. I guess it really works cause you sure do look happy". Yes indeed, I'm happy. Once again JE and my amazing hubby come to the rescue!

     I few times when I've spent the night at friends or even the one bed and breakfast my hubby and I frequent,  doing a little spritz on the door hinges might be just the thing :)

    While I use my Happiness Spritzer every day,  our spritzers are available in ALL our Signature Scents and our Essential Oil Scents.   Our Unscented Spritzer is GREAT for Mixing with our Essential Oils!

    Happiness Spritzer                          Other Spritzer and Essentials Oils

    Wednesday, December 4, 2013

    Essential Oils, oh where do you begin?

    I've been using Tea Tree Oil for years for my Allergies,  so I was really excited when Jordan Essentials announced that we would be carrying Essential Oils.   However the more I thought about it the more concerned I became because I really knew nothing at all about Essential Oils,  what to use for what?  How much?    Where or Where to begin.  I'm sure that most everyone has asked themselves that same question.

    Now you don't have to experience that "lost" feeling that we all get when we start something new and don't know what we're doing.    Essentials Oils is no different,  and people,  maybe even you,  feel lost and don't know where to begin when starting with Essential Oils.   You're excited about using essential oils to help yourself and your family. . . but don't know where to begin?

    Well,  we're here to help,  as we all need to begin somewhere,  so I invite you to host a "MIXING PARTY"  invite a friend or two or twenty  and we'll play with the 5 Basic Jordan Essentials Oils and each person attending your party will have the opportunity to blend oils together for something to take home with them.

    If you would like to know more about our "Mixing Parties"  and how Essentials Oils can help you and your family be sure to contact me today at to book your own "MIXING PARTY" and get started with Essentials Oils.

    Tuesday, December 3, 2013

    Tuesday Tip: Feeling Stuffed? Essentials Oils can help!

    Last week we had Thanksgiving with my Parents and it was just the 4 of us, but still walked (or should I say waddled) away with that stuffed feeling.   We shared memories about when I was a child and we would drive all the way to Grandma's house,  have dinner,  then leave to go to my other Grandma's house for Thanksgiving dinner with my other Grandma.   I always left feeling like the stuffed Turkey.   Then years later . . it was early Thanksgiving Dinner with my Parents and late Thanksgiving Dinner with David's Parents,  still that feeling of being a stuffed turkey. 

    Holidays with the family has always been very important part of my life,  however I have to say that eating one Thanksgiving Dinner is about all that I can handle at this point in my life. 

    It's now December  with Networking,  Holiday Parties and Get together with friends and it is equivalent to a month of over eating.  So here's a little trick with Essential Oils  that could be of help.

    Tuesday Tip:   Well if you've overeaten and feeling stuffed,  peppermint can help you control the discomfort by placing a few drops on your abdomen and covering it with a warm wash cloth.

    Monday, December 2, 2013

    On the Skin = In the Blood Stream

    Over the past few years,  with the help of Jordan Essentials I've been making the transition to a healthier life style  both in what we eat and what we put on our skin.   I have to admit that I never realized how many chemicals I was putting not only on my body,  but on my family as well.   I fully believe that some of the allergies I developed were due to the products that I used.     After all,  the companies sell the product to you and your family so one would expect that they would be safe.   I did.   How wrong I was.
    My research taught me that  "On the Skin = In the Blood Stream"  but I did not fully understand that it only takes 30 seconds to get from the skin to the blood stream!  What an eye opener for me.
    What chemicals are in the products that your family is using?  Is there DEA?  SLS or SLES?  What about Parabens?   Isopropyl Alcohol?  Aluminum?  Petroleum or Mineral Oil?   Dyes?  
    It's taken me awhile to convert my Skin Care products to healthier products,  not only healthier,  but also Made in America!
    Jordan Essential is  making this transition easy and affordable for those wishing to make the change for their family.    You can now create a healthy home free from harmful toxins and feel good about  your family skin care.
    Our "Jordan Essentials FAMILY SYSTEM" was designed to help you make the transition to healthy Skin Care.   This set includes:
    • 2 Aluminum Free Deodorants
    • 2 Soap Savers
    • Skin Relief Lotion
    • Shea Butter Tube
    • 9 oz shower gel
    • 20 oz salt scrub
    • Lotion Bar
    Available in Signature Scents  ($99.00)  or our Essential Oil Scents ($112.00)