Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Essential Oils, oh where do you begin?

I've been using Tea Tree Oil for years for my Allergies,  so I was really excited when Jordan Essentials announced that we would be carrying Essential Oils.   However the more I thought about it the more concerned I became because I really knew nothing at all about Essential Oils,  what to use for what?  How much?    Where or Where to begin.  I'm sure that most everyone has asked themselves that same question.

Now you don't have to experience that "lost" feeling that we all get when we start something new and don't know what we're doing.    Essentials Oils is no different,  and people,  maybe even you,  feel lost and don't know where to begin when starting with Essential Oils.   You're excited about using essential oils to help yourself and your family. . . but don't know where to begin?

Well,  we're here to help,  as we all need to begin somewhere,  so I invite you to host a "MIXING PARTY"  invite a friend or two or twenty  and we'll play with the 5 Basic Jordan Essentials Oils and each person attending your party will have the opportunity to blend oils together for something to take home with them.

If you would like to know more about our "Mixing Parties"  and how Essentials Oils can help you and your family be sure to contact me today at to book your own "MIXING PARTY" and get started with Essentials Oils.


Kinesic Sense said...

Will this be an online "party" or a real, in person party. I would be interested in attending!

Anonymous said...

I've heard a lot about essential oils, but I've never tried them myself! Very interesting!