Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jordan Essentials perfect for that after exercise ache, check out this special

Like many I'm back at work this morning, after a WONDERFUL Christmas with family.   Feeling great until I went to get dressed this morning and realized that my slacks were feeling a little tigher.  Like most everyone I will have that New Years Resolution to get back into shape.   Or at the very least get that scale moving in a downward direction.

So my first step when I get home from work,  before heating up Christmas left overs,  is time on the treadmill,  but since I've not been diligent about the treadmill of late,  I know that I'm going to be feeling it.  

Then the very next "FOR ME"  thing that I'm going to do is,  is to turn the heat up in the bathroom,  start running a bath adding my  "DEAD SEA SALTS" for a Good Soak.   Just LOVE the Peppermint Dead Sea Salt for help in easing my aches and pains.

I will also be getting online to take advantage of the Jordan Essentials After Christmas Holiday Sale.   Nancy our founder knows us all so well,  and puts our Dead Sea Salts on Sale knowing how important and meaningful our New Years Resolutions are that we all get  into shape,  and the little bit of help that we are all going to need to get through that Day After stiffness.

Not familiar with Dead Sea Salts,  check it out below!

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