Monday, December 2, 2013

On the Skin = In the Blood Stream

Over the past few years,  with the help of Jordan Essentials I've been making the transition to a healthier life style  both in what we eat and what we put on our skin.   I have to admit that I never realized how many chemicals I was putting not only on my body,  but on my family as well.   I fully believe that some of the allergies I developed were due to the products that I used.     After all,  the companies sell the product to you and your family so one would expect that they would be safe.   I did.   How wrong I was.
My research taught me that  "On the Skin = In the Blood Stream"  but I did not fully understand that it only takes 30 seconds to get from the skin to the blood stream!  What an eye opener for me.
What chemicals are in the products that your family is using?  Is there DEA?  SLS or SLES?  What about Parabens?   Isopropyl Alcohol?  Aluminum?  Petroleum or Mineral Oil?   Dyes?  
It's taken me awhile to convert my Skin Care products to healthier products,  not only healthier,  but also Made in America!
Jordan Essential is  making this transition easy and affordable for those wishing to make the change for their family.    You can now create a healthy home free from harmful toxins and feel good about  your family skin care.
Our "Jordan Essentials FAMILY SYSTEM" was designed to help you make the transition to healthy Skin Care.   This set includes:
  • 2 Aluminum Free Deodorants
  • 2 Soap Savers
  • Skin Relief Lotion
  • Shea Butter Tube
  • 9 oz shower gel
  • 20 oz salt scrub
  • Lotion Bar
Available in Signature Scents  ($99.00)  or our Essential Oil Scents ($112.00)

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Windy J. said...

Looks like a nice deal! :)