Monday, December 9, 2013

Procrastination . . . forgetfulness . . . yep even me . . .

Procrastination!   Forgetfulness!   It's in all of us,  some just an itty bit,  others much more.   Some days I can keep the tendency to Procrastinate at bay.  Other days or weeks it's a major battle.   A lot of things play into my procrastination  first like most it's because I don't know where to begin on a project  or I just plain don't want to do it.  Forgetfullness,  I've just got to much going on and something has to be pushed to the bottom of the menal list. (Think I better put a an entire bottle of our Orange Essential Oil on my desk with the diffuser to help)

Many times, for me at least, it's that I've got so much on my plate,  that I move something down to the bottom of my mental list,  and it's forgotten about.    Sometimes they're the littlest things and so simple to remedy.

For example  I was laying in bed yesterday morning,  determining the best way to ease out of bed without waking the hubby,  so that I could get some chores done.  I started to wonder why my skin was so dry.   I know we've had the heat running because of the cold and that drys your skin,  but I've been using my lotion regularly . . . .then it hit me . . . that thing that kept getting moved down to the bottom of my list.   It's was simple,  easy to recetify,  however  on most mornings I don't remember it till I'm in the shower and it's two late,  and I make the mental note to do it when I get home, then it's immediately replaced by everything else.

You see I realized that I had not "exfoliated" in a couple weeks,   so I ran to where I stash my Jordan Essentials Inventory and pulled out a  Salt Scrub.   Went and took my shower,  oh what a difference to get all those dead skin cells washed down the drain.   Not only did my skin appreciate the fact that I finally got my act together,  but I was able to let go an item off that ever growing "to do" list (at least till I empty out this jar of salt scrub).  Have to admit that I sure don't miss all those while flakes inside my slacks when I take the off :)


Fred McMurray said...

sputuCould procrastination be just having to much to do?

Debra Jason said...

When it comes to business, I have deadlines clients are expecting me to meet. And, I don't make promised I can't keep so I keep "to do" lists that keep me on track. And it always feels good to check something off the list as "done."