Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday Testimonial: WD40 or Jordan Essentials?

I loved this one so much,  that I just had to share!     I routinely carry our spritzer in my travel bag for freshening up Hotel rooms and such. 

Carolyn Taylor:    
My house is very small. My youngest son has moved back in with for awhile to help him out, but he's helped us way more in return. He has custody of his 2 girls every other weekend and when they are there we try our best to let them have as much privacy as possible since they don't have a room of their own and most times it's like they're camping out. We only have 1 bathroom and it's right outside our bedroom door. Anyway, our bedroom door squeaks really loudly and it's getting worse. We have WD40 but it's in the garage and Russ keeps forgetting to bring it in. Last night when we were getting ready for bed and I went to close the door, it was really loud. He said again that he would try to remember to bring in the WD40 and fix it. All of a sudden he gets this gleam in his eye and he comes flying out of the bed and grabs something off his night stand. He yanks open the door and again the loud squeak, he starts to spray something and works the door back and forth a couple of times. No noise, it's a miracle! "What did you use", I asked and he replied, "I don't know whatever that spray is on my nightstand." He looked at the bottle and he smiles again with that same gleam. "It's your Happiness Spray. I guess it really works cause you sure do look happy". Yes indeed, I'm happy. Once again JE and my amazing hubby come to the rescue!

 I few times when I've spent the night at friends or even the one bed and breakfast my hubby and I frequent,  doing a little spritz on the door hinges might be just the thing :)

While I use my Happiness Spritzer every day,  our spritzers are available in ALL our Signature Scents and our Essential Oil Scents.   Our Unscented Spritzer is GREAT for Mixing with our Essential Oils!

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Fred McMurray said...

I will check out Jordan Essentials

Lexi Gunn said...

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.