Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday Testimony: Help for Regular, Bacterial and Cystic Acne . . . had acne groing up,  and I never realized that there different types of Acne.   "Regular" and "Bacterial".  

Julie:  One of my clients is an RN and she uses the Tea Tree in the toner mist along with the acne system on her two boys. She told me their is two kinds of acne, regular and bacterial and you need the tea tree if it is bacterial.

Beth Ann:   Cystic acne is a tough nut to crack. It is what I have battled since I was a teenager. I still battle it some, but my skin is better than it has EVER been. I use the oily system with the detox mask and spa polish. I use the acne treatment moisturizer. I do not use the tinted moisturizer because it is too much moisture for me. I too use the tea tree in my toner mist. I have been experimenting with the amount of drops, but I think I currently have 10-12 drops in the bottle.   Cystic acne is difficult because it often does not come to "a head", and it is painful. Water intake and diet and cleansing are all very helpful.  That is a lot of "I"s in this post, but maybe it will help.

Toner Mist
Tea Tree Essential Oil

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