Saturday, January 4, 2014

Jordan Essentials - A Family Thing

I've shared many posts over the years about Jordan Essentials being the Trusted Name in Family Skin Care.  I've shared that our Baby Premier Set is the most popular set,  however I don't believe that I've talked about our  "Pampered Chick's Set".  

Those that I sell are usually to "grandma" or "auntie" to be given as a gift to that special little girl.  Mom's for a special gift for something extra ordinary that her tweeny has done.   The list goes on,  but I have to say,  that one of our Jordan Essentials family has had an experience that I have yet to have.

Had my youngest customer today - 5 year old Josephine ordered the Pampered Chick set at a party today and paid me in quarters.

  • A fun collection for girls.
  • Available in Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance.
  • Set includes: a Lotion Bar, Travel Size Spritzer, Shower Gel, and cute Tote.
TIP:  Refill this set from our  regular  Jordan Essentials Product Line.  Lotion Bar's can be purchased separately.

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