Monday, January 6, 2014

Me Monday: Oh What to Pack

On Friday I'm on a plane to Birmingham AL, and I need to decide what to pack,  with this unpredicable weather it really is hard to decide.   But when I saw this little graphic,  I'm sure this is how my husband feels every time I pack.

A little history,  back in 2003 I was one of Ten Women to receive a National Award from American Business Women's Association.   Our group of 10 (or as many that can make it) get together every January.  A different city each year . . we get to tour,  catch up, talk and laugh.

One year I had to prepack as David and I were leaving on a trip when I got back from another trip.  To save time, and the only thing I would need to do is take the "Important Stuff"  out of the suit case I had and add them to what was going.  He does his usual grumble as he's loading the car about my packing everything including the kitchen sink well he always does that, think it helps him figure out how to get everything into the car.    Well he starts unpacking the car at the motel,  and I'm standing there dumbfounded because, he's pulling out my empty suitcases from my previous trip.   I asked why he loaded the empty suitcases into the car . . . his answer was simple  "well they were in the bedroom" with the other suitcases.  Ugh . . .  

Well anyway I'm packing,  and my new set of suitcases are a little smaller,  but since I'm only going for a long weekend,  I've decided that in 2014 I will be a more Conservative packer and get everything into ONE SUITCASE plus my carry on (that will have Nook and Tablet).  But let me tell you it's hard to pack when the temperatures are ranging from 30 degrees to 64 degrees (if you can believe the weathermen).  What makes it even harder that since moving to Houston from Erie, PA many years ago,  my blood must have thinned because it does not take much for me to get cold,  and with Hormones in flux it does not take much to bring on a hot flash.

Well I guess winter clothes and heavy sweaters are a must,  along with some lighter clothes,  but I've got a few more days to figure out what I'm going to wear and pack, while fitting into ONE SUITCASE!   Decisions, Decisions.  


AmyG said...

What fun! A trip on a plane sounds like an adventure to me! Have fun!

Leslie Hamp said...

I, too, am packing for a big trip and everything is in one bag — ski boots and helmet included. My philosophy: less is more. You can do it! Have fun!

Cathy Yerges said...

Your tradition of meeting up annually with these women sounds terrific. Have a great time...and bring a sweater.