Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Tip: How to have PERFECT Red Lips

Red is definately my color.  That being said for everything BUT MY LIPS.   However I notice that wearing red lipstick is an art.   The perfect red lip, is hard to attain.   Here are some great pointers that will help you get that Vibrant, Flawless look.

you can have this vibrant, flawless look with Jordan Essentials Ready, Set, Go Lip Butter! With moisturizing vitamins & shea butter, you can have soft, perfectly kissable dynamic red lips.   


Erin Hatton said...

Looks good! Thanks for the tips. :)

Dayana said...

I love the way red lipstick looks, but I will cant wear it. I am not a bold person so I feel it stands out to much. However you are right, it is an art if you don't want it to flake or bleed!

Heather Waring said...

I'm allergic to lipstick. It was so hard at first but I'm so used to it now and don't really miss it but there is something girlie about lippy so it's a bit I have to miss out on.

Cathy said...

My personal favorite is Copper Cutie, but so love the Ravishing Raisin -- it works with so many skin tones. Bet of all it's lead free. Plus • Healthy mineral oil free and paraben free formula
• Does contain artificial colors called lakes that are skin safe and edible.