Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Valentine's Day is for Kids too!

I remember back to when I was a kid,  I loved  Valentine's Day,  not for the party that we had at school,  or writing out all those little Valentine's Day cards,  but the "Valentine's Day" Gift that we would get from Mom and Dad.  Now with 5 girls,  all different ages,  we would head off to school at different time,  but on Valentine's Day Morning we would have waiting for us at our seat at the breakfast table.    It was wonderful,  but torture at the same time.   It was a solid chocolate,  but we were not allowed to eat it until we got home from school!

Times have changed,  now there is a lot more attention paid to the amount of sugar that one eats.  For me I loved the sugar high (not so sure my parents did),  but as I got older, my Valentine's Day treat was followed by that outbreak of acme.

Do you provide your children with Valentine's Day Gifts?   If so what type of gifts do you give?  My husband and I don't have children of our own,  but we love spoiling all the Nieces and Nephews (now the Great Nieces and Nephews).    But in recent years their Valentines gifts have taken a different approach .   check it out.

You maybe asking yourself, what can you get for the kids for Valentine's Day that isn't overflowing with sugar? Jordan Essentials, of course!!
Lavish the little ones in your life with our Lovely Lion Head-to-Toe Lotion. They will absolutely adore the fun citrus scent and having their very own JE will be thrilled they have healthy bath & body products and as a bonus: no sugar crash!

We carry a complete kids line that you can check out


  • Kid Friendly, Citrus Scented
  • Dye Free - colored with natural Vegetable and fruit colors
  • Handy design makes it difficult to tip over and prevents spilling
  • Simple pump helps control how much lotion is used


Tamsin said...

We don't buy gifts for our kids, but I love to leave them "love" notes

Kung Phoo said...

This seems like a great gift to give the teachers, and their aids..

Cathy said...

Kung Phoo -- what a wonderful idea, every Teacher and Teachers aid would be appreciative of a gift like this!