Friday, February 21, 2014

Fact Friday: Topical Magnesium

JOrdAN ESSENTIALS   earlier this month launched our new Magnesium Line,  Nancy Bogart,  CEO was on a mission to help her husband who is an avid marathon runner deal with some health issues due to low  Magnesium.   Use of our Magnesium Lotion and Dead Sea Salts had him back on track and approved by his doctor to run his next Marathon.    So I decided to do a little research myself and am LOVING all the information that I'm finding.   Check out this tidbit from the  "Ancient Mineral's"  Website

Topical Magnesium: How It Works

Topical magnesium, a method of delivering minerals to the body through the skin, may seem at first mysterious and new, but it’s based on both age-old principles and cutting edge science.
Have you ever used a patch to help you quit smoking, or to alleviate pain? What about Ben Gay? Or how about that expensive skin creme you bought to help give your skin a healthy glow?
If you’ve used or are familiar with any of these products, then you are familiar with the basic concepts behind topical applications of magnesium.
Though it’s possible and preferable to get magnesium from a variety of sources, studies show that most Americans have magnesium deficient diets, with one in five getting less than half the RDA for magnesium in their daily diets.9
Oral supplementation, on the other hand, is affected by numerous things in your gut – no matter what type of oral magnesium you use.  Because all magnesium taken orally is potentially laxative, the ability to absorb magnesium through the GI tract is limited by shortened transit time.
Oral magnesium can be inconvenient as well, due to the amount needed for adequate dosage. Adequate magnesium is typically not added to multi-vitamins in an attempt to reduce the size and dosage, and magnesium supplements themselves can be large.
Considering these difficulties and the numerous factors that may negatively impact oral magnesium absorption in the GI tract, topical magnesium shows clear benefits.

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