Monday, February 10, 2014

Herbal Support Blends -- Clarity

On Saturday,  Jordan Essentials, launched our much anticipated NEW Spring Products.  The cornerstone of this launch is Health and Wellness  not only for you but your entire family.

You've already been introduced to our 100% pure Essential Oils!

  • Peppermint
  • Tea Tree
  • Orange
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender  
This week I'm going to be introducing you to our  Herbal Support Blends.  You may be asking yourself what are Herbal Support Blends,  the quick and easy explaination:

Herbal support blends are based on the ancient use of herbs, flowers and botanicals blended in a recipe just right to help support your life and family.   Simply roll on the pressure points of your writsts, hands, neck and feet.  The aromatherapy benefits alone will help enhance your well being.  Choose the herbal support blend that works best for you and your family. 

Clarity       Slender       Energy     Peace     Sleep

Each day this week we'll introduce you to one of our wonderful blends.

For some Monday and be a slow go in getting focused at work,  while you're thinking that the weekend was not long enough.  So we're going to start with Clarity!

Ever feel like you are in a fog?  (Does sound like a Monday morning, doesn't it) A little clarity is like a ray of sunshine after the rain!  Students whose brains are on over drive or a parent who has been up with a sick kiddo all night need a little clarity!

Benefits!  The oils in this Mental Clarity Synergy Blend are believed to enhance metal focus; try this product when working on large projects and those tasks requiring clear and decisive mental thought.

Suggested Use:  Crown Chakra of the head.  Tap 3 times and say Open, Open Open . .  (yes really,  it does work tried it myself) Breathe in one nostril then breathe out the opposite nostril.    or  Rub briskly on earlobe to stimulate  the brain.    You can also do  "Cooks Hook up" (used to do this as a kid and didn't realize it was good for me)  Cross your arms/hands and cross your legs/ankles and hook up to center of body.

Key Ingredients:   Peppermint:  Fresh, cool and stimulating to the senses
                             Rosemary:  Helps with metnal fatigue and sluggishness
                            Lemon:  Very uplifting and cheerful
                            Eucalyptus:  Open air ways and refresh the lungs
                            Cold Pressed Grapeseed:  The lightest of the carrier oils and is rich in
                            antioxidants, vitamins E, C and A aswell as resveratrol which helps fight
                            free radical damage from the elements.


Tamsin said...

Oh, I love this - Clarity is one of my words for 2014!!

Michelle Liew said...

I've also heard that essential oils are good for the hair!

Michelle Liew said...

I've also heard that they are good for the hair!

Michelle Liew said...

I've also heard that they are good for the hair!

Michelle Liew said...

I've also heard that they are good for the hair!

Cathy said...

Michelle, yes I love adding the Essential Oils to my Shampoo. When my Allergies are acting up I usually add a drop to Tea Tree Oil or Eucalyptus, helps to clear my head of that stuffy feeling, While if I'm feeling stressed or know it's going to be a rough day I add the Orange Essential Oil to my Shampoo. This morning it was Orange, because I know it was going to be an extremely busy day at work.

Cathy said...

Tamsin, Clarity is a great word, I've got the bottle sitting on my desk as I know that I'm going to be needing it as the day goes on.

bookworm said...

I just read an article about adding eucalyptus to the shower to help the sinuses. I haven't experimented with essential oils but this sounds interesting. Alana