Monday, February 17, 2014

Herbal Support Blends: Energy

Day 5:  Energy

Start the day with more energy and even skip your afternoon coffee!

Benefits!  Uplifting and revitalizing blend of essential oils to clear your mind and help boost energy!  Busy Mom's, Athletes, hurried executives all need a little energy!  Use the Energy blend to get you going or keep you moving!

Suggested Use:   Roll in a circular motion on one hand.  Rub hands together and cup hand together and breath deep.

Acupressure Points:  Top of finger tips and toes as well as energy points (see reflexology points).  Tapping on the back @ the kidney on both sides also stimulates the adrenals and supports adrenal fatigue.

Key Ingredients:  
     Peppermint:  Fresh cool and stimulating to the senses

     Rosemary:  Helps with mental fatigue and sluggishness

     Lemon:  Very uplifting and cheerful

    Eucalyptus:  Open air ways and refresh the lungs

Cold Pressed Grapeseed is the lightest carrier oil and is rich in antioxidants, vitamins E, C and A as well as resveratrol which helpts fight free radical and damage from the elements.


Sophie Bowns said...

They sound perfect for when I work a night shift!

Michelle Liew said...

Lemon is a magic fruit. Heard that it's good for many things!